Toyota remains a powerful name in the automobile industry. Their history dates all the way back to 1937 when the company first opened its doors as a completely separate company, apart from the entities it had worked with in the past. Today Toyota produces some of the world’s finest models of economy cars, proud to help drivers achieve their dream of automobile ownership through economical but dependable cars. Toyota isn’t all about economy, though. For those drivers who prefer luxury, there are other models to choose from, such as the Camry and Avalon. The Rav4 accommodates Toyota fans who prefer SUVs.

Popular Toyota Models

Toyota produces some of the top models of cars in the automobile industry today. They are behind the wildly popular Camry and Avalon as well as the well-known Rav4 model that so many SUV fans love. Their top models include:

– Toyota Corolla
– Toyota Camry
– Toyota Land Cruiser
– Toyota Rav4
– Toyota Prius

All of these models of Toyota have pleased drivers in America and abroad and have allowed some people to buy cars that wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford it. Toyota’s economy cars are some of the best to be found anywhere. For those who can’t afford to buy at all, there is always the option of leasing a Toyota. Leasing is a wonderful alternative to buying, and it has so many advantages that sometimes people prefer to lease cars instead of buy them outright, even if they can buy the car. Here’s why.

The Magic of Leasing a Toyota

Leasing has a lot of advantages over buying that are rarely explored by dealerships that are more focused on selling cars than leasing them. Some dealerships have recognized the advantage of leasing cars for their customers and for themselves and have taken the time to explain the benefits to their customers before they buy a car.

Why leasing is better than buying

Leasing a car’s most obvious advantage is that it will result in lower monthly payments and up front costs. This means that when you go in to make a down payment on a leased car, there might not even be a down payment. If there is a down payment, it will be less than a down payment on a car you’re buying. The reason for this is that when you finance a car to buy it, you are financing the entire amount that the vehicle costs. With a lease, you’re just financing a small portion of that. This yields a lower monthly payment, often as much as 60% less than a monthly payment on a bought car. The advantages don’t end there, though.

Repairs are another area of concern for people who buy a car. If you’re buying used, especially, you run the risks of the car breaking down. If you exhausted all of your finances buying the car, you don’t have anything left over to pay for what might be very expensive repairs. With leasing, this isn’t an issue. Leased cars are generally under factory warranty and will be repaired for free if they break down. That means that right up front on a lease, you’ve saved money on the down payment, monthly cost, and the repair bill for the car. That’s a huge chunk of change saved right up front.

Sales tax on a very expensive vehicle can amount to a lot. With leasing, that also is reduced. You will never pay as much sales tax on a leased car as you will on a car that you buy. This is yet another short-term bit of savings you get when you lease a car. Add that to the peace that comes from knowing car repairs are taken care of and there are reasons to lease even if you can afford to buy a car. The advantages of leasing a Toyota can save you a lot of money today.

Lease a Toyota

If you’ve got your eye on one of the new models of Toyota, or you want an older model, leasing might just be the best way to drive off the lot in that car today.