Any person who leases a vehicle knows the process can present a few challenges. With Zoomr, however, your experience improves to something better than you will ever experience elsewhere. Our goal is creating a process that streamlines every step to ensure completing the transaction is a simple one.

The way we accomplish this is to eliminate the need for reaching out to multiple dealers. Our network of car lease dealers located in greater Los Angeles is committed to providing competitive pricing to all our clients. Frankly, the deals you see on Zoomr are free of hype and available exclusively to our clients.

What Makes Zoomr Different

To understand how Zoomr differs from the rest, it is important to know what we are not. We are not a brokerage company. We are not a car dealer.

However, we are a platform designed to support our clients connecting with brokers and dealers trying to earn their business. Our uniqueness is the brokers and dealers in our network are willing to offer our clients low pricing and high-quality vehicles.

Included in our service to clients looking for new cars:

• Home delivery. We are committed to timely deliveries to the address provided when they leased or purchased a vehicle.
• Giving you the car of your dreams. Knowing what you want is all we need to do everything within our power to guarantee you receive the make and model that you request. We also strive to give you that vehicle at the most competitive price.
• Get multiple bids from brokers and dealers.
• Receive plenty of bids. You deserve choices that match your situation. No matter the price range you request, we take pride in bringing multiple broker and dealer bids.
• Your time is important to us. Zoomr takes a streamlined approach to ensure you accomplish other things while we handle the price negotiations. We lock in the best deals so you have less frustration and headaches.

How Car Leasing Works

Most people think a car lease is just renting a vehicle for several years. Although that is not the true definition, it can serve as a start to understanding what you would get with Los Angeles car lease deals.

Basically, you are the lessee who pays a broker or dealer to give you full permission to drive a car. The lease is for a specific amount of time with terms and conditions that explains the agreement between you and the broker or dealer. The number of miles you can drive per year is included in the lease. Additionally, the lease will outline provisions for changing the mileage limit if it becomes necessary to do so.

Payments that you make help to offset the car’s natural depreciation as it ages. As a result, you and the broker or dealer are winners in the deal.

Reasons People Choose to Lease Cars

Typically, people have many reasons for deciding to lease cars. For many, the general expense of car ownership is a deciding factor. Leasing a vehicle is more affordable than buying the same make and model. New vehicles are increasingly more expensive, which makes it more financially convenient to drive a new car without incurring new debt.

Other reasons include:

• Leasing payments are more budget friendly. Generally, a lower down payment is required for a car lease than a purchase. Your monthly payments will most likely be lower as well. For most people, this frees up more income to use on other needs.
• Maintenance is a common perk for deciding to lease a car. Most lease agreements outlast auto warranty expirations. Basic maintenance such as oil changes should be taken care of, but you will most likely not have to pay for a major repair while the car is in your possession.
• Leasing gives you a shiny new car every few years. Perhaps you need a new car because of your career. Buying a car means you will drive it for six or seven years while paying it off. With a leased car, you not only enjoy a new car more often, but you are also not trying to sell an old vehicle and buy a new one at the same time.

Things to Know about Car Leasing

As a consumer, Zoomr will walk you through the entire process of finding the right car with the best lease agreement. There are several key points that we work focus on to help you understand how this type of transaction affects you.

• Sales price: Your monthly payment on the car lease is based on the sales price for your chosen make and model. Getting a lower sales price means your monthly payments will be lower.
• Residual percentage and amount: The car’s current value is based on depreciation, which is reflected as a residual percentage. Higher residual percentages have a slower rate of depreciation. What this means for you is your selection should be based on lower monthly payments.
• Mileage allowance: Leased cars have an annual allotment of miles. As long as you stay within the amount set, you will not have additional fees that are based on a per-mile rate. We help you calculate your average number of miles each month.
• Disposition fee clause: Before returning the leased vehicle, you will need to prepare the car for leasing to another client or for a sale. The disposition fee covers the expense of making the car lease or sell ready. Charges can be from $300 to $500.
• Money factor: This is the annual percentage rate (APR) that you receive. Locking in a low amount is our goal for you to help you save money.

Buying versus Leasing a Car

Coming to our website is the first step in learning more about how leasing a car in Los Angeles. We are ready to help you navigate the market, but we’d also like to go over a few of the differences between leasing and buying. We want you to be pleased with your decision to lease by also having as much information as possible. Our Zoomr team is thoroughly convinced that knowing what to expect from a car lease in Los Angeles is very important for our clients.

Who Owns the Car?

Whether you pay in cash or get financing, when you buy a car it is yours. You must continue to make payments to keep ownership of the car. Choosing to lease means you do not own the car. The dealer still owns the car, but your monthly payments are lower than a financed loan to buy the same car.

Assessing Front-End Costs

Financing a new car to buy it requires an upfront payment. You can use a cash down payment and/or equity from a trade-in vehicle. Your credit rating and lender requirements will impact the amount you will need to put down.

Leased car deals are simpler. When you sign the car lease, you will provide a security deposit, acquisition fee, first month’s payment and applicable taxes and fees based on the terms and conditions in the lease. Paying more upfront will lower your monthly payment.

Future Value of the Leased Car

The car you purchase will be sold one day. Essentially, the car will be worth whatever someone is willing to pay. Your car’s make and model, how you have maintained it and an interested buyer factor in the price you set. When you have a leased car, the future value does not matter.

You simply return the vehicle once the lease expires. At that time, you are free to get a new lease on a newer car.

Final Payments

Purchasing a car gives you the full title once you have paid off the loan in full. Having the title in hand proves that no one else has a claim on the car. You are free to do whatever you want without getting permission from a separate entity or person.

When you lease a car, you return it once the lease expires and simply start the process over. If you like the car and would prefer to keep it, you might be able to if your lease agreement includes a purchase clause. You only need to tell the dealer to move forward with making a final purchase.