Queens is the second largest city in New York, so it makes good sense that it is one of the premier cities to lease a car in. It gives leasers plenty of selection and term options to choose from when you head to Queens and begin searching through their massive number of cars to lease. You’ll find all the major brands: Infiniti, Subaru, Lexus, GMC, Toyota, BMW, Honda, and Lincoln. Those major brands are just the beginning of the fun. If you’re pickier and like something more unique, something you don’t see on the road quite as often, there are plenty of obscure brands to choose from in Queens that will get you excited about leasing, too.

Things to consider before leasing

Leasing is one of the wisest decisions you can make and it sends you off the lot in a car that is much better than you could have bought. Financing for leases are different than for purchasing a car. When purchasing a car, you finance the entire value of the car and this can run into hefty down payment amounts and huge monthly payments. For expensive models, these can quickly become unaffordable if buying is your option. But your alternative, leasing, is absolutely as valid as buying a car and in some situations the only way you’re going to drive off in the car you want. Here are just a few things to consider before leasing.

How much do you drive?

A lease agreement tells you how much you can drive annually. This is called “Set miles” and this number is extremely important but if you drive over the agreed upon set number of miles, you’re facing fees that might quickly increase the cost of the lease. If you drive 15,000 miles a year or less, leasing is a great option for you. Frugal drivers will also save money on gas, so if you want to trim gas bills off your budget for the next three years, leasing is a good option.

How good is your credit?

Leasing requires better credit than purchasing a car. If your credit is on the bad or fair side, leasing becomes impossible. If you’ve got good or excellent credit, though, leasing should be one of the first options you consider.

Do you use the car for business?

Business owners who use their car to accomplish business will get deductions at tax time that make leasing preferable to buying. Many businesses have switched entirely to leasing their cars because it makes more sense to lease given the tax perks.

Do you like to try out new cars often?

Buying a car is a serious long-term commitment. You will likely be driving that car for over a decade. If you can’t afford more than one car, this is something to take very seriously. With leasing, you free up the option to change cars after the 3 year lease period is over. The flexibility of leasing gives you the opportunity to try out many new cars before you finally settle on one and decide to buy. The great thing about a leased car is that at the end of the lease, your lease is over, but you can always negotiate an agreement to buy. If you loved the car you leased and don’t want to purchase it, then negotiate to buy. If you don’t, you can always just turn it in no strings attached and lease another car to drive for a couple of years.

Leasing in Queens New York

A Queens New York car lease is going to open a lot of new roadways for you. Leasing is one of the simplest financial arrangements that exist and the dealership will always walk you through, step by step, the terms of the lease. There is always the disposition fee at the end of the lease to go over, because that is the fee that will cover the wear and tear of the car at the end of the lease. It’s the “clean up” fee and usually lands around $300-$500. Make sure you calculate this into the final price of leasing a car.

Remember that leasing is a short-term financial arrangement and if you keep up with your monthly payments, you’ll be driving a nice, newer car over the next couple of years and then be able to return it to the agency without having to be bothered with re-selling or trading in. For many people, this fact alone is enough to help them enter into a lease agreement. Despite never having ownership, you’ll be able to drive a high quality car for many years while at the same time not be tangled up in a long-term financial arrangement that often sinks budgets (buying a car).