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philadelphia nissan rogue Lease Deals

philadelphia nissan rogue Lease Deals

The Rogue has been a staple of Nissan's lineup for nearly ten years now. While the first generation had its bout with growing pains, it recruited a large and loyal following for its roominess and unique styling. The current generation has largely worked out the flaws of its predecessors, making the Rogue a formidable competitor in the crossover SUV market space. The car gets a lightly revamped exterior for the 2017 model year. While the external styling has been the cause of much debate among the automotive press and consumers alike, there is no denying that the Rogue has a look all its own. It may be that the Rogue's willingness to break all the rules of the crossover SUV style book is what endears it so much to its faithful fan base. There's no mistaking it for any other of the nondescript blobs of undifferentiated aerodynamism that comprises nearly all of its competition. No matter what one thinks of the car's aesthetic, credit must be given to Nissan for willing to go Rogue on the design. The car's power plant and drive train are competent and proven workhorses that don't do anything outstanding, yet neither do they do anything poorly. The standard 2.5 liter, inline four-cylinder engine delivers 170 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque, enough to get up a mountain at altitude or haul a carload of kids and their gear to a soccer match. The engine is married to a continuously variable transmission, giving a smooth ride and allowing the Rogue to travel from 0 to 60 in 8.5 seconds. The only disappointment with the Rogue's power train is the somewhat underwhelming hybrid engine option. In this case, a 2.0 liter, inline-four delivers 141 horsepower. This is augmented by an electric motor that delivers 40 horsepower. However, the fuel savings of this setup are marginal, at best. While the standard 2.5 liter achieves 26 miles per gallon in the city and 33 on the highway, the hybrid setup improves on those numbers by just 2 miles per gallon, making its value questionable. On a brighter note, the newly revamped interior is a dramatic improvement over prior generations. With available textured leather seats, the cabin comes standard with a 5 inch infotainment display, Sirius XM Radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a whole host of other features. The Rogue also has one of the roomier interiors of its class. With up to 70 cubic feet of available cargo space, there's never a shortage of room for everything may need to take on a road trip. Overall, the Rogue is a great value. At just under $25,000, it compares favorably with other cars in its class and, through it's unique styling and features, has cultivated a loyal following.

Leasing a Nissan Rogue in Philadelphia may be the best choice

No matter what ideas you may have about why leasing is inferior to purchasing, there is one fact that is simply indisputable. Leasing saves massive amounts of money on up-front costs. In fact, so dramatic are the savings that leasing entails, that many people who would not be able to afford any new car can often have their pick of the showroom floor when they decide to lease. Leasing can give those who would otherwise be consigned to buy used, with all the risks and costs that come with used car ownership, to get the safety, confidence and reliability that can only come from buying a brand new car. A typical bank loan purchase of a new Nissan Rogue may require monthly payments in excess of $500. The same car, when leased, can often be acquired for just $150 per month. Over the life of a 36-month lease, this can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars in savings. For these reasons and many more, ask your local dealer about current lease deals on the new Nissan Rogue. You'll be glad you did.

philadelphia nissan rogue Lease Deals