Car Leasing vs. Car Buying
There are still some consumers who don’t understand the leasing process as well as they could. It’s still something that seems out of reach or impossible for them to utilize, and it’s because leasing once had a reputation for being very specific. Many years ago it was believed leasing a vehicle was only for those who owned big companies in need of company cars or those who have endless budgets and only want to borrow cars for a year or two until a newer, better version was introduced. It’s not what leasing is all about, though it does benefit those people every day.

Leasing is a different game these days, and it’s more affordable than ever. When it’s time to shop for a new car, don’t discount the many benefits leasing has to offer you and your family. It’s affordable, it’s easy, and it’s nowhere near as complicated as you might imagine.

You Pay Very Little Upfront

It’s possible to purchase a new car without a down payment, but it’s expensive. If you don’t have down payment money or your down payment fund is small, leasing is a great option. Many companies allow drivers to leave the lot with a brand-new car with a low monthly payment and little to no down payment. It’s what makes it such an affordable option for drivers. If you’re unsure this is a good choice for you and your family, just take a look at your finances and see what you can afford to put down.

You Get A New Car All the Time

Who doesn’t love driving a new car rather than driving an old car? If you trade in your cars all the time as it is, this is a much better option for you than buying. There are no trade-in hassles at the end of your lease, you get to get a new car without worrying about how much you owe on your old car, and you get to choose from a bigger array of vehicles when you lease vs. buy.

You Get to Drive Better Cars

You might not be able to afford to purchase a Lexus outright, but you can afford to drive one if you lease it. Leasing is an affordable way to drive a much nicer car than buying. It’s cheaper to pay for a lease because you never pay the full price of the vehicle. You pay a small portion of the full price, typically the amount the car is slated to depreciate as you drive it.

You Can Negotiate

One of the biggest misconceptions regarding a leased vehicle is the lack of options you have when you sign a lease. The truth is you get to choose from many options. There are standards associated with leasing, but you have the power to pay a little more to customize your lease to your needs. You can choose the length of time you lease a vehicle. It can be one year, a year and-a-half, two years, or more. You get to choose your mileage. The standard lease offers drivers 12,000 miles per year, but you can pay a little more each month to increase that mileage so you don’t pay overage charges at the end of your lease. You have options, and you do get to negotiate.

You Pay Fewer Fees

Not only does leasing mean you pay a much smaller sales tax fee, it also means you pay much less in other situations. You pay less when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Most leases offer basic maintenance free of charge. They want you to bring this car back to them in perfect condition, so offering free oil changes and free basic maintenance is often free of charge. This allows the dealer to guarantee drivers are maintaining their vehicles.

Driving a lease is a lot different now than it once was, and it’s time to enjoy the fact that you can do it with ease. Gone are the days you worry about trade-in values and other factors when you want a new car. It’s time to guarantee you always have a new car with a new outlook on driving to go with your new vehicle every few years.