Leasing vehicles is a daunting task and as such, it is only prudent to look for a simpler alternative. Zoomr steps in to offer a simple and efficient process of acquiring or leasing a car.

You may ask how our car leasing process is any different from the rest. It is a guarantee that our process has been streamlined to offer you value. Instead of going through the hustles of getting a dealer and researching their offers, Zoomr does that for you. Through our dealer network in Los Angeles, we offer a competitive pricing package for our clients. When looking for real value for money on your car leasing, look no further than Zoomr, where deals are not a hype but the real thing.

Why Choose Us

What sets us apart is a simple fact. We are not car brokers neither are we a dealership. We are a unique platform, crafted to connect dealers and brokers with you, our client. Thanks to this, Zoomr clients get the most competitive price deals without a compromise on the quality.

Is there an Option of Home Delivery?

Yes, we do have one. In the continued spirit of offering quality services to our clients, we deliver your car to your doorstep. All we need is the delivery address to be provided at the time of purchase or leasing. Timely and quality service is what we thrive in.

What of Your Dream Car?

Can Zoomr help get your dream car? Indeed, Zoomr will. We endeavor to get the exact make, model and other specifications of that car you fancy. The best part is, we will get it at the most competitive pricing, just for you.

Bidding Galore

Having several brokers and dealers offers a competitive process, which is a great advantage for you. Save yourself from the bidding hustles and let us get the price deals and all choices that suit you.

Time Savings
We believe that buying or leasing a car for our clients should not be frustrating. We, therefore, deal with the process and thus saving you time to sort out more of your other engagements.

San Diego Car Leasing Deals

A Car Lease, Understanding What Works Best For You
Many-a-times leases have been mistaken for car hiring done over longer periods than your normal car hiring. The concept may differ, however with such an understanding, it would be a good place to start.

As the client (lessee), you pay a certain amount of money and in turn, the dealer (lessor), transfers to you the rights to take possession and use of the vehicle. The lease agreement spells out the terms and conditions that bind both you and the dealer. In it, the conditions set may include the mileage to be covered, the lease period and provisions for varying the period of the lease among other details.

The lease payments made to the dealer, are meant to cater for the depreciation of the automobile as the vehicle ages. Such kind of an arrangement ends up being beneficial to both you and the dealer.

Why Lease?

When all reasons are put into consideration, the financial issues stand out as the key drivers for choosing a lease over buying a new vehicle. Vehicles have proven to take an upward trend on their price tags. Leasing steps in to be a better alternative to taking up debt.

A look at leasing against debt shows that lease provides for lower down payments monthly. Most households then enjoy the savings created, and channel the same to other areas that require their attention.

Maintenance is also a key consideration for vehicle buyers. Leasing proves to be a cheaper option because, in most agreements, it is the lessor’s responsibility to take care of the vehicle’s maintenance. Cars bought on debt offer a different scenario, and that is the buyer is charged with the maintenance responsibility.

When it comes to changing cars, you want a new car hustle free. Leasing offers this. You get the chance to change to a new one with the expiry of the existing lease agreement. The loan purchase has you going through the hustles when selling a car.

What You Need To Know About Car Leasing

We will journey together in finding the best-fit car for you and the most convenient leasing arrangement. Let us have a look on what the arrangement borders on.

Selling Price and Its Importance

The lease payments made every month are directly connected to the value of the sales price. This means that a lower selling price of the vehicle leads to an equivalent lower value on the payments made.

The Residual Amount and Percentage

On this, we assist in getting you to understand how residual values affect the final monthly payments. The car’s value is directly pegged on its depreciation and expressed as a residual percentage. This helps you the buyer focus on lower payment options available to you.

Mileage Allowance

With every lease comes a specific mileage allotment. Additional fees are charged when the set mileage is exceeded and billed by the miles after the target. The fees can be a costly affair, and it is, therefore, wise to keep within the set allowance.

The Disposition Clause

The lease agreement attracts a fee of about $300 to $500 at the end of the period. The fee caters for the refurbishing of the car in preparation for the next individual to lease the car. This fee is unavoidable, and as such, it is included in the lease terms.

Money Factor

The other term used to define this is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR). As a buyer, you should work on getting the least price on this so as to save you money.

Car Buying Or Car Leasing, What Works Best?

Visiting our site means you are interested in the Los Angeles’ car lease market. The first step in helping you is by first understanding the difference between buying and leasing. In the spirit of making you happy, we believe that equipping yourself with adequate information is key in making the right choice. Zoomr’s team believes that you should know your options before going all in this market in Los Angeles.


Cash payments, as well as loan payments, are made to secure ownership of the car. Lease payments have a different use, that being, paying for the depreciation as a result of your usage. The monetary value of payments in both cases shows that the lease payments are significantly lower as opposed to those in cash or loan payments, the simple reason being that ownership rights still belong to the dealer.

San Diego Vehicle Lease Deals

Front End Costs’ Analysis
Purchase plans require some form of up-front payments to be deposited with the dealer. There are two acceptable options, equity or cash payments. Some buyers opt to use both. The value of the up-front payment is tagged on several requirements by the seller. Some include the credit score of the buyer which is considered key to setting a value of the payments.

Leasing is an easier alternative. The initial requirements on this is a reasonable security deposit, the initial payment, acquisition fees and other fees and taxes as per the agreement. Paying upfront allows you the possibility of having your monthly payments lowered.

Follow Up Value of the Car

When selling a car, its value is as good as what the next buyer offers you. Issues related to the make, the model, the year are all factored in on the value.

When it comes to lease agreements, the future value of the car is a non-issue for the lessee. As a lessee, you return the car and get into another agreement for a new vehicle.

Final Payments

Full payments in loan agreements, as well as those in the cash payments, are evidenced by documents of title transferred to the buyer as proof of ownership. No one else can claim ownership of the vehicle.

It is clear from the earlier information, that in leasing, the vehicle is handed back to the dealer who remains the owner throughout the lease period. Therefore, in such an agreement, the final lease payment is meant to free you from the agreement, and thus you are free to get into another lease contract. If you end up loving the car, there is a clause that allows you to purchase it at the end of the existing lease agreement.