Long Island residents oftentimes use car leasing rather than purchase to acquire their automobiles. Leasing is a simple way to get a new vehicle at a fraction of the cost of buying, but cost reduction is only the beginning of many advantages vehicle leasing offers over buying. If you’re considering vehicle leasing, but wonder if the benefits are worth it, you’ll be ecstatic to know that more Long Island residents lease vehicle than buy because the benefits are so amazing.


Vehicle leasing benefits are not too shabby, and most people agree they make this option well worthwhile. What are the benefits of leasing a car? Although the list is far too plentiful to list here, read below if you’re curious to learn a few of the benefits you’re offered with the lease of a vehicle.


Drive a New Car


When leasing a vehicle, you rent it for a specific time period. When this time elapses, the vehicle is returned to the dealership where you can find a new car and start a new lease. Although you might think that owning a vehicle is the better option, when you lease, you’re always behind the wheel of the latest and greatest car to hit the market. You will turn heads and leave many impressions when you show up in a new car.


Less Money


Enduring fewer costs is a benefit enjoyed with vehicle leasing from the start. You won’t need the usual 20% down payment when you’re leasing a vehicle. That is a great cost savings for most people. Although 20% seems minimal, when speaking of a car that costs $20,000+, it is a nice chunk of change that you are required to hand over to drive off in a new car. Additionally, the monthly costs of a lease are oftentimes less than the costs of buying. You’ll have the opportunity to ride behind the wheel of cars you normally would not be able to afford, all at a cost less than you ever imagined possible.




Most vehicle leases expire when the vehicle warranty does. Generally, a lease lasts no longer than five years. However, there is great flexibility in your lease options, so you can choose the amount of time you spend behind the wheel of a particular automobile. Some people choose to lease for only a few months, and that is a perfectly viable option. However, if you want a longer lease period, this is plausible, too.


No Repair Costs


Repairing a vehicle when something goes wrong is oftentimes a great expense. There are both minor and major issues that can impact the car’s usage. Rather than fork your money over to make the repairs, the fees are paid for by insurance since there is a warranty offered on the leased vehicle. It is a nice break to eliminate the costs of vehicle repair for a change.


Vehicle Choices


Perhaps the costs of buying a new car are out of your league, but leasing is a totally different story. Vehicle leasing has helped many people get the opportunity to drive the cars of their dreams, including vehicles they couldn’t otherwise afford. If you have such ambitions, it is time to consider a vehicle lease.


Even More to Enjoy


How nice do the benefits listed above sound? It is nice to know that these are all things that you enjoy when leasing a vehicle. But, the fact that so many other benefits are also waiting seals the deals for those wondering if a lease is right for their needs. When you opt to lease a new vehicle, you’ll also enjoy benefits which include:


– Peace of mind and assurance that you are turning heads and leaving major impressions on those who see you in a new vehicle


– Lower monthly costs


– No long-term commitment


– Acquire a vehicle you couldn’t otherwise afford


Talk to a Long Island Lease Dealer Today


It pays to lease a vehicle if you reside in Long Island and want a great deal. The rewards of using a lese buying option listed above are just some of the many that you can expect. What are you waiting for? It is time to enjoy these benefits and that of driving a new car and find the perfect lease for your needs today.