With the coming of summer, driving becomes easier and fun. This is the time when most people are looking to get a car as it is possible to enjoy the ride. However, when it comes to getting a new car, the question is always do I buy or lease a car? This can be a tough choice especially when you don’t understand the full terms of buying or leasing.

Back in the days, you could only buy a car but today you can also lease one. Buying or leasing a car comes with its advantages and shortcomings. However, when a comparison is done, it’s probably best if you lease a car to get the full advantages. If you are a resident of Long Island who loves to just drive around, then let us show you why you should lease your next car.

Understanding leasing
Leasing a car is not as complex a procedure as many are led to believe. Basically, what you do is go to a dealer who leases cars, then choose the right car for you. After choosing, you can agree on the terms of down payment and monthly payments. You also decide how much time you want to lease that car. It is all up to you. The main thing is that you return the car at the end of that period. Then you can walk away or renew the contract.

Benefits of leasing
This is what people want to know. Why should I lease and not buy a car? Well, here are some reasons why you should lease a car.

The main thing that leasing beats buying is that you can get more car for less money. What we mean by that is when you lease a car, the cost is low. That makes it super easy to get a more expensive car that otherwise you couldn’t afford if you decided to buy. So, if you have an eye for that dream car that is way out of your price range, then know you can drive it for cheap by leasing it.

This is made possible by the fact that you only pay for the time you use the car. This means that you aren’t paying for the full value of the car. This makes your monthly payment lower than those of a person buying the same car.

And guess what, you get to change your car after every few years usually two or three years. Yes, this is possible through leasing. The fact that you aren’t paying for the full car means that if you don’t like it or you see a better car, then you can bring it back and get the latest model. Imagine driving the latest car model after every two years. It is a dream come true. You can also decide to walk away free after the contract. It is a no strings attached kind of thing.

After you are done with the car, you don’t have to worry about selling it. This is a big problem to someone who buys a car. When they get bored with the car, selling it becomes harder and is usually done at a loss. This problem is not present in leasing. When you are done with the car, you take it back to the dealer and you walk away. No hassle.

If you are a person who doesn’t like paying too much taxes, then you will appreciate what leasing has to offer. When you buy a car, a whole bunch of taxes follow usually proportional to the value of the car. Leasing, on the other hand, comes with fewer taxes. This is fully utilized especially when you lease a car for business purposes. Your tax obligation will diminish drastically.

For people who don’t like getting their hands dirty in terms of car maintenance, well leasing is for you. Most lease deals in Long Island come with a warranty. This takes care of all the maintenance and repair of your new car. It can extend up to the end of the lease so you may never have to worry about fixing your car. The professionals got you!

The verdict
While there are many more benefits of leasing a car, you should also be aware of the downsides. There are many car leasing companies in Long Island but it all comes down to choosing the right one. Before you can go to any of those companies make sure you can trust them to give you the full details on car leasing.

So as you think of getting a new car, consider the leasing option. Who knows, you may never go back to buying a car again. If you don’t like to be tied to a car, leasing is for you. It keeps you flexible and always open to changes. And the best thing is that it comes at a cheaper price.