Why You Should Car Lease
One of the many options you have when you go shopping for a new car is leasing. It’s a form of financing that’s not unlike buying your car. You’re financing it with a bank, you’re driving off in a new car, you’re paying sales tax, and you’re getting what you want. It’s not a bad deal, and that’s why more people are making the decision to give leasing a second look. In the past, it wasn’t nearly as common as it is today. In the past, people bought new cars and homes and took jobs they’d keep forever. Now people tend to keep things for a while until something better comes along, and then they jump ship and move on. That’s why leasing is such a beneficial way to drive a new car. You get what you want, you get rid of it when you want, and you get something newer, cooler, and much more exciting every few years.

The problem lies in explaining to people just how beneficial leasing is in regard to their finances. It’s something people are unfamiliar with other than what they’ve heard, and that information is often dated and a bit unrealistic. For example, leasing is often considered that thing businesses do when they offer an employee car. It’s also been considered that thing wealthy people do when they buy a brand-new luxury car and only want it for a year or two.

Both are true, but leasing is so much more than just this. It’s affordable, it’s enjoyable, and it’s much more preferable for some buyers than it is for others. The only people who don’t get much out of a lease are those who drive often an put many miles on their cars. These are not conducive habits for someone who is driving a lease with a mileage limitation every year, but it’s great for everyone else. If you’re still not convinced, familiarize yourself with the many benefits of leasing.

It’s Cheaper than Buying

You can lease a brand-new car for less than half the price of buying a new car. Leasing prices are calculated very strategically to benefit the car dealership that gets the car back to sell to someone else in two or three years. They want to sell the car for what it’s worth when it’s back from being leased, but they don’t want to take a hit on the depreciation. That’s where you come in. The monthly payments you make equal the depreciation the vehicle goes through as you drive it. This means paying far less than buying a car, and it means saving considerably over the life of your driving career.

It Means Driving More Expensive Cars

Since you’re not paying the full amount of a new car, leasing opens up doors into a world of cars you never imagined you could afford. You can now drive the Lexus or the Range Rover, the Cadillac or the Mercedes, and the monthly payment is much lower on a car like this than it is when you buy a car that’s not considered a luxury car. This is probably one of the best perks of driving a lease. You get what you really want rather than what you can afford, since the luxury cars are now within your monthly budget.

It Means Always Driving A New Car

Driving a new car with that new car smell is so exciting, and leasing allows you to feel this all the time. You get to choose how long you lease your vehicles, and you get to give them back in place of a new car each time your lease is up. The standard lease is anywhere from two to three years, and it’s up to you how long you want the car. When the lease is up, you get to drive home in a new car with that new car smell once again.

One of the perks of always driving a new car is never driving a car that has enough miles to begin requiring more than just regular maintenance. Your warranties never expire, and your life is much simpler when you’re not worried what might happen if something goes wrong with your car. This is a much more affordable way to drive.

Leasing a car is a great way to save money, to have more fun, and to get what you want. It’s not something for you if you drive long distances, but it’s perfect if you want something new and don’t put too many miles on a car. This is a way for you to get what you want without making a long-term commitment, which is something that’s becoming more and more popular in this day and age.