Living in Long Island means spending a lot of time in the great outdoors. It means hiking local trails, spending time on the beach, and even heading into the city for a little time in the local markets and shops. Life in Long Island is spent heavily outdoors, and there is nothing wrong with that. Life in the outdoors is more than a little enjoyable, and it’s good for your health. The more time you spend outdoors means more time to soak up Vitamin D and relieve stress. The outdoor living available in Long Island is second to none, and people love it.

With so much opportunity to spend time walking, most people wish they didn’t need a car of their own. They can take public transportation, walk, or even ride with friends, but many people choose the convenience of their own car. The difference is Long Island residents don’t want to spend too much money on a vehicle they won’t drive enough to make it worth purchasing a car. It’s why leasing is such a popular option in this city. You get a car, it’s got a low payment, and you don’t put many miles on it. It’s a perfect marriage of necessity and luxury combined with people’s desire to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

The Benefits of Leasing in Long Island

You’re not driving far when you live here. Traffic can be a bit of a nightmare from time to time, but you’re not driving far. You’re not really driving in traffic at all, to be honest. When you live here, you won’t put 12,000 miles per year on your car, and that’s what makes leasing most beneficial. When you keep your car below the miles in your contract, you’re not paying any fees when you turn it in.

The other benefit of driving a lease in Long Island is driving a car that has a low monthly payment. Lease payments are calculated based on the depreciation of the vehicle when it leaves the dealership lot. Instead of paying for an entire car and the cost of depreciation, you’re paying for nothing more than the depreciation. If you choose a car that holds residual value quite well, you pay far less for your lease than you’ll ever pay to purchase a car.

That leads us to the next benefit. When you pay a low monthly payment, more cars are in your price point. Suddenly you can afford to drive that luxury car that’s always been on your list of dream cars. You’re not resigned to leaving the lot with a basic sedan without many frills or upgrades. You get precisely what you want, and you get it for a lot less. Leasing makes dreams more affordable, and who doesn’t feel they’re making payments for something worthwhile when that’s the case?

The other most impressive benefit of leasing is the ability to live the rest of your life driving a vehicle with a warranty. Most warranties expire at the three-year mark, and most leases last fewer than three years. You’re never going to drive an old car, you’re never going to drive a car with many miles, and you’re never going to be responsible for paying for major repairs and issues that might occur with an older car. That feeling of safety and financial security is unbeatable.

The Cons to Leasing

There are cons to everything, but your perspective is what makes things seem positive or negative. When you lease a car, you get to drive a certain number of miles. If you drive more than that, you pay per mile when you turn the car in. You might not have to worry about things like trade-in values when you are finished with your car, but you can’t get rid of it before your lease is up. There are termination fees and other penalties.

Leasing is a good deal if you won’t drive too many miles, and it’s a good deal if you take care of your vehicles. Excessive wear and tear is another problem you might pay for when you turn your car in. You’re responsible for any damage to the car, stains, and even bald tires. If you can keep your car in excellent shape and under the mileage, you’re going to get rid of it free and clear for a new car.

Leasing is a great option for Long Island residents who need a car but don’t use it often. Get what you want for a price that makes owning a car worthwhile. Drive it a few years, turn it in, and get something new and exciting. That’s what you get when you lease. A new car every few years, and a lot more money in the bank every month.