Those who have been following the Nissan Altima for a while remember twenty years ago when it was first released and it was a small sedan. Since then, it has grown to become more of a family sedan. One thing that every Altima owner notes about their car is how easy and fun it is to drive. This is something that the manufacturer has worked very hard to provide to the owners of these vehicles.

The Altima is fun to drive, safe, and economical, making it a very popular option for drivers with small families. Because of this, it has long been one of the most-bought sedans in its class. It seems like every year it is one of the most-purchased mid-sized sedans on the road. It is available for purchase, but there are some great leasing deals being offered by the maker as well.


The Altima makes two different options available for its buyers when it comes to engine size, a 2.5-liter 179-horsepower version, and a 3.5-liter 270-hp version. The smaller engine is the standard offering and, of course, has a much more economical rating when it comes to gas mileage. The smaller engine gets about 31 mpg in the city thanks to its 4-cylinder design. The bigger engine still gets 26 miles per gallon, a relatively high mark considering the size and power of the engine.(

There is no shortage of options when it comes to the 2017 Nissan Altima. In fact, there are seven different trim options available with the mid-sized sedan, a staggering number considering other companies usually have two or three. Unlike other cars in its class, the vehicle comes with both keyless ignition and entry, something that used to be considered a luxury in even the newest vehicles.

Each trim package of the 2017 Nissan Altima comes standard with an automatic transmission of variable speeds depending on the engine it is controlling. They are all also front-wheel drive like most other mid-sized sedans in its class. The main difference when it comes to drivetrain performance in the different models is the size and speed of the engine inside of them. It is one of the best cars for acceleration in its class, something to consider if you drive on the highway a lot. It has the passing power and acceleration to perform on a daily basis on the highway. (


While the interior cabin of the Altima hasn’t seen a redesign in a few years, this year’s model has been refreshed a bit. The most noticeable difference is the insulation as this car provides a much quieter ride than the past models. The car easily seats five comfortably and is noted for its extremely comfortable ride in the front seat. The standard seats are cloth, but you can upgrade to leather is you so desire to add even more comfort and style to your daily commute.

If you like touchscreen displays, you are going to want to upgrade to one of the higher trims. The base model does not come with an infotainment screen while the upgraded models make a 5-inch or a 7-inch screen available, depending on what you want. There is also plenty of space in the trunk. The Altima’s trunk has a cargo size of over 15 cubic feet, plenty of room to store everything you need for a long trip or a camping excursion.

If you are interested in purchasing a new Nissan Altima, come in today for a test drive. Nissan is constantly offering great lease deals to get you into a new Nissan and on the road driving in comfort and style.