Long Island Mercedes S-Class Lease Deals
Since long, cars have not just been a transportation mode but something that defines the passion, sense of aesthetics, social status and dignity of the owner. It’s a combination of many things put together.

The Mercedes S-Class is one the most outstanding cars. The S class was first released in 1972 and is categoried as a luxury limousine automobile that shares spaces with the likes of BMW 7 Series, Audi A8, Range Rover Supercharged, Jag XJ and the likes. This auto has been a favorite luxury sedan for many years.

Have you been looking for Long Island Mercedes S-Class Lease Deals and you do not know where to start. Well, you are at the right place. We will cover and benefits of owning the S-class in this post. These details will help you to make an informed decision when purchasing your Mercedes S-Class.Below are the features of this luxurious car.

• Exquisite leather, wood garnishments including a genuine metal trim cover the interior of the S-Class. This creates the air of old-world magnificence. By firing it up, it will become clear that the wheels of the car are firmly planted.

• This car is capable of detecting and reacting to bumps thanks to the magic body control system. Note that it’s optional. The technology used here utilizes stereo cameras that can scan imperfections on the road ahead of time so that the chassis can get the chance to smooth out bumps or potholes.

• Mercedes Class S has a driving system that is almost autonomous. By using multistage radar sensors and cameras mentioned above, the car can read lines on a road and steer or brake the car by itself on straight stretches of the road.

• While allowing the S class to autopilot, users get the opportunity to admire its 12.3 inch TFT screens placed in front of a driver and at the top of the center stack. The screen on the right-hand displays entertainment, climate, and navigation info while the unit on the left-hand side replaces a conservative analog instrument cluster.

• A telephone keypad (touch sensitive) is also installed. It has twelve customizable settings that allow the user to access complex functions without moving their hands on the dashboard.

• Its Mbrace system comprises of cloud-based goodies such as a concierge service, location assistance for stolen vehicles, location-based weather and traffic updates. The availed applications add internet browsing, Facebook access, news reports and Google local search. Users can use this system to unlock, lock or locate the car remotely.

• Two different high-end sound surround systems offer concert-quality audios. The S-class doesn’t stop at that, but it creates an optimal olfactory experience using its active perfuming system designed to discreetly emit four different scents (of the user’s choice) to cover up the undesired odors coming from outside.

• Outside, this car combines various traditional touches such as an upright, formal version of the Mercedes grille and a surface which has details borrowed from the carmaker’s rakish 4-door-car models. The lighting system comprises of LED units. There isn’t a single light bulb found outside or inside the car.

• The exterior panels are made using aluminum. This has helped to trim the overall weight by about 300lbs if compared to the old model.

• The S-class comes in two different forms (S600 and S550). 4.7-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine powers the S550 whereas the S600 has a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

With all these features, you cannot afford to miss out on this prestigious automobile. If you want to own this exceptional auto today let us do the work for you. No lengthy processes, no hassle, just the best deals.