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Lexington-Fayette Car Lease Deals

Lexington-Fayette Car Lease Deals

The Lexington-Fayette area is known for more than a few wonderful things. The first of those wonderful things would be the beautiful horse farms that are scattered about the area. There’s nothing quite as comforting as driving through a large urban area and then stumbling upon a few miles of horse country. It’s the best of both worlds, with beautiful natural scenery as well as commercial plazas. Another thing the Lexington-Fayette area is known for is its college basketball team. You might have heard of them. The Kentucky Wildcats are the darlings of all of Kentucky and they make their home right here in this area.

The third great thing about Lexington-Fayette is the sheer number of great car dealerships in the area. You’ll never struggle to find one of these dealerships when you’re in the city. In this modern era, you’ll find just as many dealerships singing the praises of leasing as opposed to buying. There’s a good reason for this. In this paycheck to paycheck era, leasing just makes good sense.

Why Lease in Lexington-Fayette

As prices on food and other items has soared in recent years, people have found themselves thinking more short-term with their finances. It’s difficult to do long-term financial planning when money goes so quickly. Leasing a car instead of buying one is a great way to free up money for emergency or luxury expenses. The reason is that the lease is going to take less out of your budget than financing to buy a car. Leasing saves money in other ways, too.

Ways it pays to lease

Sales tax

Sales tax on a lease is going to be less expensive than sales tax on a car that you buy. This is one of those cases where counting every penny really counts. Many people these days are choosing to lease because of the money is saves on sales tax.

Tax deductions for businesses

Businesses need to save money too. For businesses who rely on transportation, leasing makes even more sense because of the deductions allowed at tax time. If you have a fleet or cars or just one, leasing is going to save you money.

Lower down payments

Down payments take out a large chunk of change when you buy a car. This is money you’re never going to see again and it may cause a real financial hardship for buyers that are strapped for cash anyway. Instead of buying, leasing is a great alternative. When you lease a car, your down payment is going to be significantly less than if you buy a car. Sometimes a dealership can even give you a $0 down payment on a leased car. All you’ll pay are the fees and sales tax and first monthly payment.

Gas costs

While some people can’t avoid driving more than a set number of miles per year, either due to work or a busy social life, there are drivers out there who feel like they could save a lot of money by not driving as much. Leasing gives you a great chance to do this because when you lease a car, they give you a set number of miles you can drive per year. If you go over that mileage, you end up paying a fee. Leasing is great encouragement to watch every mile you drive and keep it under a set limit. This indirectly saves you money on gas. The less you drive, the less gas you’re going to use, and common sense says that you will drive a leased car much less than you drive a car you’ve bought.

Ready to Lease in Lexington-Fayette?

Leasing probably sounds like a very good idea by now. You’ve got to be the ideal customer, the kind with great credit and a low mileage driver, but if you fit those two descriptions then leasing is almost always going to be your best option, barring other factors that might have to be taken into consideration, such as your opinion on ownership and its intrinsic value to you.

Lexington-Fayette is a wonderful place to lease a car. There is a wealth of places that will give you the most options for your money. Perhaps the best thing about a lease is the fact that at the end of it, you don’t have to worry about pesky trade-ins or ads to sell your car. The dealership takes it back and you can then negotiate to buy the car or just move on altogether and lease or buy a new car. Leasing gives you many more cars to choose from because it’s cheaper in the short-term than buying. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, today is always the best day to lease a car.