The name Honda is well-known to anyone who loves cars and motorcycles. Since 1959, they’ve been the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world, which is no small accomplishment considering all of the competition. Honda hasn’t done too shabby in the car, SUV, and truck department either. They’ve got a full menu of models that is enough to attract the interest of just about any range of car lover. Right now the top Honda models are the Honda Civic, Honda CR-V, Honda Accord, Honda Fit, and Honda HR-V. In recent years, they’ve been listed as the 8th largest car maker in the world and should still be considered a major player in the automobile industry.

Honda features a lot of lower-to-mid priced cars and aren’t necessarily known for their luxury cares. What they do well is the overall safety and reliability of their offerings. They’re well-known to produce cars that will be on the road over a decade from now and if well-maintenance, perhaps a decade after that. They might not be the most stylish cars on the road but when you drive off the lot in a Honda, you can bet you’re going to be safe and secure in that comfortable car for the duration of the time you’re driving it.

Leasing a Honda

Car leasers definitely love Honda’s cars. This is because in many cases, people want to lease a car that they can depend on. While leasers enjoy the perk of almost entirely free repairs, it’s still nicer to drive a car that never needs to be repaired, a car that starts when you need it to start and goes when you need it to go. Honda fits that bill.

If you’re interested in leasing a Honda car, the Civic is by far the most well-known and popular of Honda’s offerings. They don’t have a large variety of cars but what they do have get the job done year after year. Civic safety ratings are as respected as they get and so are the safety and reliability ratings of their hatchbacks. The Honda Civic was ranked the number 3 overall small car in the most recent US News and World Report rankings. Leasing one of these is extremely easy. If the Civic isn’t your cup of tea, Honda has other things that might interest you.

Roadmap to Leasing a Honda

1. Check credit rating: If you want to lease, make sure that your credit rating is very good or excellent. In some cases, income can help cushion a very good credit rating. It’s harder to lease a car than buy a car if your credit isn’t up to par, so first things first: Check your credit score!

2. Calculate monthly payments: Here’s the great news about this part. Leasing a Honda car is going to be much cheaper in the short-term than buying one. In most cases, your monthly payments will be 60% less when you lease. Look forward to an amazingly low monthly payment on a Honda, since these cars are typically cheaper than their more luxurious counterparts. Leasing a Honda will give you a very reliable and safe car while allowing you to save a lot of money over the lease period.

3. Discuss lease period terms: Decide how long you want to lease your Honda for. There are short leases and relatively longer leases but most of the time the cutoff is 3 years.

4. Determine your annual mileage: Leasing a Honda means you’re going to have to drive it a set number of miles per year. Usually this is 15,000 miles or less. If you drive 15,000 miles or less a year, leasing is a great option for you.

5. Contact a dealership: This is the most important part of the road map. If your credit is great, you know what your monthly payments will be, you know how long you want to lease for, and you know you drive within the set number of miles per year, then it’s time to spring to action and lease the favorite Honda model of your choice.

Now is a Great Time To Lease

Leasing a Honda gives you a much wider range of cars to choose from in the Honda lineup. You’ll be able to lease even the most expensive of Honda cars as long as your credit is good, which means you’ll drive a high quality car for a set period of time and then turn it into the dealership and be free of it at the end of the lease. This simplified way of obtaining a car to drive is growing in popularity as more and more people have discovered the joys and financial benefits of leasing Honda models and other brands.