Ford’s legacy continues into the modern era, tracing its birth all the way back to the very beginning of automobile history. Ford was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903 in Dearborn, Michigan. Since then they have produced some of the world’s most popular and memorable cars. Today they stand as the world’s 5th largest automobile maker and have produced some of the most memorable cars, trucks, and SUVs of the modern era. When people say “Ford,” people think “car.”

Ford’s Top Models

The Ford F-150 is perhaps the most memorable truck produced by Ford right now. The motto “Built Ford Tough” was definitely what the makers of this truck had in mind. Today millions of people scramble to buy or lease a Ford F-150 because of its rugged toughness, off-road prowess, and safety features. Not a truck person? Ford’s Fiesta continues its festive popularity this year. It has in the past been Britain’s top-selling car. And who could forget Ford’s classic Mustang which continues today in its modern form? All of these cars and trucks are a part of Ford’s legacy and a testament to the original enthusiasm with which automobiles were made.

Leasing a Ford Car or Truck

In the past, people bought Ford cars or trucks. Today leasing has become a solid option in the debate. In the modern era of automobiles, it’s just as likely that someone will lease as they will buy and there are good reasons for this. Leasing has become a preferable option for those who have short-term financial obligations that keep them from investing the large amount of money it takes to purchase a car. Up front costs on buying a car can exceed what the average customer has to pay. When this happens, customers with good credit have the option to lease a car and drive away in something much better than they could have afford to buy.

No, you’ll never own a leased car, at least not because of the lease agreement. What you do, though, is give yourself the opportunity to drive a very nice, newer car for a bottom line that IS affordable. 60% lower monthly payments for leasing makes it a very attractive option even for those who could buy. Why? Because the 60% you save can go into a new home, vacations, household expenses, or debts paid off. In the meantime, you’re still driving the same Ford car or truck that you would have been driving if you bought it, all for less money in the short run.

Other benefits of leasing

1. Flexibility: Leasing a car is a short-term arrangement, usually for a period of 3 years. Imagine driving the Ford model of your dreams for a period of 3 years, all for less monthly than if you’d purchased a car, and then being able to be through with the lease and not have to worry about selling or trading the car in for almost nothing? That’s what leasing gives you. You can drive a newer car for longer. At the end of the lease term, you get another newer model and don’t have to deal with the steep decline of a purchased car in later years.

2. Low repair bills: Leased cars are almost always covered by warranty. This means that when your car needs to be repaired, you don’t have to spend your hard earned dollars on the repair bill. The manufacturer will take care of the expenses to fix almost anything that goes wrong on a leased car.

3. A better car: When you lease, you can get a much better car than if you buy. Unless money is not an issue, which is very rare for the average buyer, you’re going to drive off the lot in a much nicer car if you lease. The monthly payments are so much lower that you can actually afford to get an amazing Ford model that far surpasses the one you could have afforded to buy. For some people who prize nice cars, this is the tipping point on leasing instead of buying.

Lease a Ford Today

No matter what kind of Ford car or truck you’re looking for, there’s a great deal to be gained from leasing instead of buying. Good leasing agencies are going to put you in the best possible car they can for the least amount of money possible, giving you the luxury of driving a really nice car for the next three years without having to go without other things in your budget. Leasing a great Ford model today is one of the wisest decisions you can make if your goal is to get a car that truly is a bit tougher than the competition.