Benefits Of Car Leasing
We all need to have reliable transportation. Private transportation like a car is the holy grail to most of us. It means the freedom to go anywhere we want to go at our own leisure. This is much taken for granted facet of both leasing and buying. Not everyone has the luxury of driving a private vehicle. While buying remains a popular option for obtaining reliable private transportation, leasing is the best kept secret path to obtaining a great car.

What are the benefits of leasing?

Instead of turning your attention to buying, look instead to the art of the car lease. If you master this art, you can save big bucks over the next few years, all while driving a much more expensive car than affordable through financing a purchase.

1. Lower your monthly payments: Financing a car takes a big chunk out of your piggy bank up front and over the many months of payments. Leasing, on the other hand, only requires a down payment on about 20% or even less of the car’s total price. Monthly payments are calculated on a variety of things but when everything aligns right – and it usually does – you’re looking at a ton of savings on monthly payments.

2. Lower taxes on a leased car: When you pay taxes on a leased car, you’re not paying taxes on the total value of the car. You’re simply borrowing that car to drive for a short period of time and it’s not going to total as much as payments on a new car. You’re looking at taxes on the total of the monthly payments, not on the value of the car. The great news is that the entire time you drive the car, even if it’s a luxury car you’re actually getting the full value of that car during that time.

3. Save on repair bills: Repair bills are always a frightening prospect when you stretch your dollars to hand over a down payment on a purchased car. If you buy over budget, a single repair issue can leave the car unusable. Not so with leasing. If the car breaks down, you’re going to be able to fix it. That’s because leased cars are almost always under warranty from the dealership/manufacturer. When you have an issue, you fix it free or deeply discounted.

4. Possibility of no down payment leasing: Depending on your credit situation, you might be able to lease without even paying a down payment. This drastically increases the good news for those people looking to save money over the next couple of years. For most people, leasing is about more than saving money, though.

5. Get the car of your dreams: While you won’t own the car through leasing, you show a dealership that you can maintain payments on the car and you’re going to up your chances of owning that car. Not just that, but for all practical purposes, the car is going to be as good as yours over the next couple of years. This gives you the freedom to look for a dream car even if you can’t afford to buy it right now. This is the gateway to ownership someday. You’re saving money in the short-term and proving that you can keep up with payments at the same time.

What happens after the lease?

Once you’ve completed your leasing payments, you’re not going to own the car. This should be known up front before you sign the leasing agreement. Leasing a car gives you no right to ownership in it in the future. You’ll never gain equity in a leased car over time, either. What you do gain in the short-term is a huge amount of savings which can be used for household budgets or for buying a car in the future.

When you return a leased car to its agency, you simply give it back and you’re free of it. After a disposition fee is charged and paid, usually around $300-$500, you can now begin to look for another vehicle. You may want to lease again. Many people find that leasing is a much more short-term and no-strings-attached way to acquire quality transportation than buying is and they will lease several times before they finally buy a car. You usually do have the option to negotiate to buy a leased car, but the lease itself doesn’t guarantee that you have any special rights to this. You still have to be able to come up with the down payment to buy and be able to afford the heftier payments.

If leasing sounds like a great arrangement to you, there’s no time like the present to seek out an application on a car that you will truly love driving over the next couple of years.