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Cadillac Lease Deals

Cadillac Lease Deals

The word “Cadillac” is almost synonymous with greatness. It means luxury, style, and elegance to American car buyers. In 1902, Cadillac was formed from what was left of the Ford Motor Company, and a new American tradition in automobile luxury was formed. Over 170,000 Cadillac vehicles are sold each year, all of them a testament to beauty in the automobile industry. It’s no wonder that so many people want to buy these luxurious cars and use them over the years. Due to the price of the Cadillac, which can be on the husky side, many people believe they can never get behind the wheel of one of these beautiful machines. Unfortunately, these people haven’t heard about leasing a Cadillac. If you want to drive off the lot in a Cadillac, often leasing is your most handsome option.

Why Lease a Cadillac?

Cadillacs are beautiful cars, so it’s natural to want to buy them. Leasing can be just as handsome an offer, though. Due to the different requirements for leasing, there are certain advantages in leasing that will appeal to those people who had before only considered buying.

Leasing benefits

1. You pay less money up front to lease a Cadillac than you would pay to buy it outright. You’re not financing the entire cost of the Cadillac, just the current price minus the expected price at the end of your lease. Take the difference of that and you’re going to pay a very small or no down payment on your Cadillac. That’s good news for frugal shoppers.

2. You pay lower monthly payments on your Cadillac when you lease it, up to 60% lower. That’s a huge number and one that will be especially appealing to those who need to budget tightly over the next few years. While a Cadillac is well worth buying, a lease gives you the opportunity to free up money in the short-term for other financial goals.

3. Tax deductions are great news for anybody, for any reason. When you lease a Cadillac, you’ll get certain deductions, especially if you’re a business.

4. Leasing a Cadillac can improve your credit score, provided you keep up with the terms of the lease. Returning the lease in pristine condition can also help, so if you’re one of those people who really takes care of your luxury cars, you know that leasing is right for you.

5. Less repair costs arise when you lease a Cadillac. Unfortunately when you buy a car, especially a used car that might be prone to trouble periodically, you’re going to run into high repair costs. Not so with a leased Cadillac. When you lease a Cadillac, it will be under factory warranty, ensuring that if the car breaks down, you’ll have your repair costs covered by the manufacturer. Most people lease only newer Cadillacs, so you also reduce your risk of breakdown at ALL. A newer car will almost inevitably break down less than a more heavily driven car.

Leasing a Cadillac

Cadillac remains one of the top luxury vehicles in the world and it’s an honor for most people to even drive one. Imagine being able to drive off the lot in a new Cadillac, with the assurance that if you experience breakdowns, you’ll have it repaired for free. Imagine getting such a low monthly payment that you can take your money and use it for so many other more worthwhile things, such as a great vacation or meal with your family, or a night on the town with friends.

Leasing requires excellent credit, so before you consider leasing, look at the condition of your credit. This will help you avoid a lengthy application that is just going to result in disappointment anyway. If you’ve got great credit, though, you can almost certainly drive off the lot in a brand new Cadillac and have the use of that reliable vehicle for many years to come. When your lease is up, you simply return the Cadillac to the dealership and you’re free to either buy it or simply wash your hands of it. This is one of the great freedoms of leasing. You have many more options at the end of your term than you do when you buy a car, and the options are more appealing. Instead of worrying about how to sell or trade in the car, you simply hand it over and lease another car or if you’ve saved enough money, buy a car that you feel you’ll be comfortable with in the coming years.

Leasing is a true luxury in the world today, just like Cadillac is a luxury as well. If you like what you’ve heard of leasing, you can lease a brand new Cadillac today and begin living in style.