The current lineup of Buick masterpieces continue to impress today’s modern driver. They are a mix of stylishness, sportiness, and luxury, with a little something for everyone on the Buick menu. Long considered luxury cars, Buicks are created by General Motors. Their reputation has grown solid over the years as they’ve passed from one driver’s hands to another. Current popular Buick models include the REgal, Enclave, and Encore. The newest model, Envision, truly lives up to its name, envisioning a better driving experience for Buick fans.

Buick’s history goes as far back as 1908, when the brand helped establish General Motors (GM) as one of America’s premier automobile makers. Since then, the Buick brand has maintained its reputation as one of the most reliable cars on the road. It’s only natural that millions of people a year would want to lease this historic brand.

Best Buicks to Lease

As mentioned before, Buick is a premier player in the luxury market. They don’t just have luxury cars, though. They have a vast lineup of automobiles, from SUVs, to luxury cars, to sports cars. There’s a little something for every type of car buyer. Here are Buick’s top models:

– Buick Regal
– Buick Lacrosse
– Buick Enclave
– Buick Verano
– Buick Encore

While those are the top models today, there are so many others that live up to the expectations of the Buick name. Leasing any of these cars is a true treat for leasers.

Why lease instead of buy a Buick?

Because some models of Buick will be priced on the high-end, it’s natural that some would-be buyers just won’t be able to afford to buy a Buick. When buying a car, a person must finance the entire price of the car. This isn’t realistic for some people but that doesn’t mean that they can’t drive away in a Buick model that they love. What it means is that they need to lease the car instead. Leasing is possible for interested buyers who have great credit. In fact, you need better credit to lease than to buy. So if you’ve been turned down for financing to buy a model of Buick, don’t give up. Leasing is your answer. Here’s why.

Leasing has lower monthly payments

Since you’re not financing the entire price of the car, you’re going to get a much lower monthly payment when you lease. The magic of this is that you will be able to drive away in that luxury Buick you couldn’t afford to buy and you’re going to be able to use that car and benefit from its use for years to come.

Leasing lowers repair cost

If you couldn’t afford to buy a Buick, chances are that you don’t have room to pay for hefty repair bills. Since your leased Buick will be under factory warranty, you never need to worry about footing the bill for repair costs on your Buick. All you need to do is take it into the agency and you will be able to get your repairs done for free or very little cost. This frees up a lot of money in the short-term that might be used in the future to buy a Buick model.

Improve credit scores with great lease history

Since leasing affects important factors on your credit score, it’s safe to say that a lease that goes smoothly will indeed improve your credit score. This is ONLY if the lease agreement is kept and everything goes smoothly. Likewise, if you don’t keep up with payments, leasing could also harm your credit score. Leasers generally go into a lease to keep the agreement, so for the most part credit scores will be affected positively as long as you live up to your end of the bargain.

Tax deductions in some cases

In some cases, you can deduct items form your taxes thanks to a lease. This is especially true if you’re part of a commercial enterprise that uses a leased Buick for business. In this case, you’re going to be able to deduct some things from taxes.

Leasing a Buick

Leasing a Buick is a simple, relatively quick process that your dealership will help walk you through. After explaining the terms of the lease and approving you for a lease, the process is quick. If you’ve got your eye on a new Buick model that you just can’t afford to buy right now, there’s no reason not to try to lease the vehicle instead. Once you’ve got your credit score cleared and everything is a go, you’ll find that driving a leased car doesn’t feel much different than driving a car you’ve bought. It’s just cheaper in the short-term.