What is Zooomr?
Buying and leasing cars can be difficult – Zooomer is a company that works to make the entire process easier. Car leasing is a frustrating process that makes many people dread even bringing their new car home. We strive to improve the car leasing and car buying process so that, when you pick out a new car, you can put aside all your worries and instead just enjoy your new ride. Zooomer works with the buyers by reaching out to numerous car dealers for you, forcing them to compete to gain your business. We have an agreement with our expansive network of car dealers that Zooomr clients will receive the lowest car lease rates. If you find a car on Zooomr, it truly is a good deal that is available only to other Zooomr clients.

How is Zooomr Different?
Zooomr stands out from the competition because we are not a car dealer or a car broker; instead, we are an online source that works to connect car dealers and brokers with those who are on the market for a new automobile. By helping you connect with those selling and leasing cars, Zooomr provides you with the most competitive prices on the market. Our unique approach sets us apart from everyone else.

Here are a few other things about Zooomr that make our customers happy:

-We deliver your new vehicle! When you make a car lease or purchase through Zooomr, we also guarantee that your vehicle will be delivered right to your doorstep – cutting down on the hassle and expense of picking it up.

-You get your dream car. We work to match you with the exact car that you want and need within your specific budget.

-We compare prices for you. Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on your car, we will compare multiple bids from different dealers and brokers so that you save as much money as possible on your new ride.

-Save time and headache. Since we fight to get you the lowest price on your new vehicle, you don’t have to. With the help of Zooomr, you can get the car you want without having to haggle over the price, saving you time and headache.

What is a Car Lease?
When trying to comprehend what it means to lease a car, it’s best to envision simply renting a vehicle long-term. Leasing a car means that you are paying money to the lessor to drive their vehicle. Your lease will last for a specific time period and a set amount of miles per year. If you go over your allotted miles per year, you can change them but your payment will also increase. Since using a car considerably lowers its value, your monthly payment covers the vehicle’s depreciation.

Why Lease a Car?
Leasing a car is a fantastic option for many people. Because leases are less expensive than making an actual car purchase, they make it possible to enjoy a new car at a fraction of the cost. With the retail price of cars on the rise, leasing maybe the only way for you to get the vehicle you want without breaking the budget. Since leases usually end before the car will need any major repairs or services, you can also expect to save significant time in the mechanic shop. Leased cars are always under manufacturer warranty, so even in the case of a necessary repair, all the costs are covered.

Many people choose to always lease cars and opt out of owning a vehicle entirely. Since leases generally last between two to three years, you can get a new vehicle to drive much more frequently than if you made an out-right purchase.

What Does Leasing a Car Involve?
Leasing a car involves several different aspects. Listed below are some of the most important things you need to understand if you are planning to lease:

-Your Payments Reflect the Car’s Value. The amount you will pay each month depends on the sale price of the vehicle. To save the most money, you should choose a vehicle with a lower value.

-Higher Residual Percent Saves You Money. Each leased car has a residual value percent that is factored into your monthly payments and is used to cover the vehicle’s depreciation. Try to opt for a higher residual percentage if you want to see the lowest monthly payments.

-Understand Your Set Miles. Your lease will have a certain number of miles that you are allowed to drive the vehicle each month. If you go beyond the set number of miles, you will be charged a fee based on each mile past your limit. Make sure you understand how many miles you are allotted and discover the fee per mile if you go over.

-Expect a Disposition Fee. While leasing a car is little more than paying monthly rental, don’t forget that you will be expect to cover a disposition fee when you return the vehicle. This fee is usually somewhere between $300 and $500, and is generally required.

-Understand What Money Factor Means. Your money factor is the same thing as your ARP. Try to get the lowest money factor so that you will save the biggest bucks.

Is it Better to Lease or Buy a Car?
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that, if you’re visiting this page, you’re on the search for a car in the Los Angeles area. Before you move forward, it’s important to know the different between leasing and buying so you can choose the option that is right for you. While leases are great options, Zooomr believes you should completely understand what you’re getting into before you sign any papers.

You Won’t Own the Car
If you buy a car, it will be yours to do with as you want even if you have to make payments for a while. However, leasing a car means that you are simply paying to use a vehicle that is owned by the lender. A lease means lower payments, but it also means that you can’t sell or mortgage the automobile.

Leasing Cuts Down Up-Front Costs
When you purchase a car and need to finance it, you will be expected to make a down payment or trade in another vehicle. When you opt to lease, no down payment is necessary; instead, you simply need to provide the first month’s payment along with a security deposit, acquisition fee, and some other fees and taxes. If you have some extra money to put in, you can lower your monthly payments by putting in a larger amount up-front, but this is not required.

No Need to Worry About Selling a Leased Car
Selling a car can be challenging; usually, customers don’t want to pay high prices for used vehicles and, if you want to sell it at all, you will have to stick to a strict maintenance schedule. When you lease a car, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a car with a high resale value or seeking out potential customers because it won’t be your job to sell it.

End Payments
If you are buying a car, the end payment means that it is actually yours to own. Once the last payment is made, you will receive the “title” and are free to do whatever you wish with the vehicle. Leasing is different; although you generally have the option of purchasing the vehicle when the lease is over, it is not automatically yours and you are expected to give it back unless you move forward with a purchase.