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Boston Land Rover Lease Deals

Boston Land Rover Lease Deals

Buying a car is portrayed as the American dream by most folks. You need a car you can put your entire family in over the course of a lifetime. People with middle class budgets often struggle to picture anything “better” than this American dream. In fact, they can put their family in a much nicer car over the course of a lifetime by leasing. They might not have what looks to be the security of buying but they have the ability to lease and get a car that’s newer, safer, and just overall more comfortable than a used or new car bought off the lot. Leasing opens plenty of new doors.

The biggest benefits of leasing

What sets leasing apart from buying that makes it such a great decision? Here are but a few of the reasons you’re going to be glad you leased instead of bought.

1. Better choices: Leasing is all about having the choice of the car you truly want, not the car you can only afford. When you lease, you can easily get a much nicer car than you can buying or leasing. If it’s all about the budget, leasing should be the first thing you’re thinking about. You’re going to save a lot of money on lower monthly payments that arise from leasing than you will financing the entire value of the car up front.

2. Short-term commitments: Short-term commitments are what leasing is all about. You’re not going to have to finance the entire value of the car at the beginning, so your down payment will be non-existent or much lower and your monthly payments are going to be much lower in comparison to the monthly payments of a purchased car. You won’t be stuck paying for the car over the course of a decade or more.

3. Grab tax breaks: Over the course of leasing, you’ll have the benefit of getting tax breaks from your lease at tax time. Tax time is one of the most stressful times of year for some people, so this is great news for leasers.

4. More choices: When you lease a car, you can get a different car every couple of years. How nice is this? Of every benefit of leasing this one stands out the most. Imagine driving a new luxury car every couple of years instead of the same old used car for a decade.

Is buying ever a better option?

While leasing takes the cake when it comes to choice and low monthly payments, buying is essential in some instances.

1. Heavy drivers: If you plan to drive your car a lot, buying is the way to go. When you lease, you have a set mileage to drive per year. With buying, the sky is the limit when it comes to drive. You never have to hop in your car and count your miles when you drive because you’re driving a car that will one day be yours. Leasers must stick within their set mileage or pay financial penalties for every mile over.

2. You are fixated on ownership: Leasing a car is not the path to ownership. It remains a possibility but it’s not clear cut and guaranteed. There’s a chance you might lease a car and then not be able to agree on the terms of ownership, leaving you with a paid out lease and no chance of owning the car itself. If you’re a big fan of ownership, buying is obviously the way to go, even if you don’t particularly fall in love with the car you can afford to buy.

3. Equity: If you buy a car, you’re going to gain equity in that car over the course of payments. This leaves you with some financial leverage you won’t have while leasing. There is no gained equity in a leased car. If you want to get something out of your investment over the course of time you’re making it, then you’ll want to buy.

Making the big decision

Deciding whether or not to lease or buy is a tough decision. You might struggle with it for a few months before making the decision. Except in a few rare instances, leasing is going to save you more money in the short-term.