Buy or Lease? Learn What You Need to Know to Make the Right Decision for You and Your Family

Unless you’ve been in the market for a car recently, you may be confused about all the terms around buying vs. leasing a car. The truth is, leasing has a bad reputation — and that’s unfair. With leases on the rise more than ever — and most luxury vehicles like BMWs — being leased, it’s time to revisit and think more about what you’re actually getting when you lease a new car. Here’s what you need to know to make that decision for you:

Get a New Car with Every New Lease You Sign

If you’re in the market for a new BMW every two to three years, then leasing can get you there. You’ll be able to get a BMW with the latest upgrades. Sometimes this is especially important to consumers who are accustomed to driving luxury vehicles and who want the newest models available.

The only downsides are that you cannot customize your BMW and you should make sure you aren’t leasing a car that is above your means if you are planning on buying a home. Home lenders look at a car lease that is above your means — even if a lease makes it more affordable for you — as risky behavior. Barring those conditions, a lease can make sense if a new car is a priority for you every two to three years.

Don’t Worry About Manufacturer’s Defects

One of the greatest benefits of leasing a car is that because car leases typically are two or three years, there is a high chance that your car isn’t going to break down. If it does, it’s repairs likely will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This includes faulty parts such as the engine, the heating and cooling system, the electronic system and more.

What it usually does not cover is normal wear and tear. Therefore keep this in mind. It’s possible that if you use the car a lot, you may need to replace the tired and brakes. If you have a dog or children who are unruly and messy — and they cause damage to any part of the car — you may need to pay a fee. Be careful and treat the car well or you may end of paying extra fees.

Put Down Little to No Money for a Downpayment

Leases are extremely attractive because you literally can walk onto the car lot, put no money down (or little money down) and drive of in a new car. When you buy a car, you will need to put down at least 10 percent or more for a downpayment. For a $25,000 car, that means you’ll need to have $2,500 cash or have to finance both the downpayment and the car — and those both come with interest. Remember that you are in control of the negotiations when considering a leased car. Negotiate the car price down, the terms, the downpayment (if there is a small one), and more. You have everything to win by doing so.

Pay Less Per Month and Get a Tax Benefit

Leases typically are about a third lower per month than car payments — and over time that can save you money if your typically car-driving behavior is to purchase or trade-in a car every three years. The reason is this is you probably won’t have paid off the car in three years, so you’ll need to pay it off and buy a new one — incurring sales tax and interest in the process. With leases you actually only pay taxes on the lease payments in most states instead of the entire price of the vehicle, which is what happens when you buy a car. Plus, if you drive the car for work, you can deduct a portion of the car’s deprecation from your taxes.

Is It Time to Lease Your Next Car?

At the end of the day, deciding to lease a car is really about your lifestyle. How much will you be driving throughout the lease? Do you value new cars with upgrades? Would you prefer not to have to deal with the hassle of parts breaking down that are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty? Are you planning on getting a new car every two or three years anyway? Do you have money saved for a downpayment?

A lease can be an attractive and affordable way to drive a BMW, but keep in mind that you won’t be buying the car by leasing it. You’ll have the option to do that at the end of your leasing contract by talking to your dealer about financing the car.

If you’ve ever leased a vehicle, you know that the process can be less than simple. Zoomr sets out to change that. The goal is to make the buying and the car leasing process streamlined, straightforward, and as simple as possible. The result is a process that our customers find to be an improvement over what they’ve experienced elsewhere.

We do that by eliminating the need for you to reach out to all those dealers and figure out who has what. We do that for you. We’ve created a network of car lease dealers in the greater Los Angeles area that are committed to offering the most competitive pricing to all Zoomr clients. The deals you see on Zoomr are really deals and not just a bunch of hype. It’s the real thing and only available to our clients.

What Sets Us Apart From the Others

If you think we are different from the rest, you’re right. Zoomr isn’t a car brokerage company. We also aren’t a car dealer. What we are is a carefully designed platform that allows our clients to connect with brokers and dealers who want to earn your business. They want it enough to offer the lowest pricing without compromising on quality. That’s the key that makes us unique.

Do you like home delivery? We do too. That’s why we offer it to you. Our commitment to each customer is timely delivery to the address provided at the time of the lease or purchase. How many other companies would bring the car right to your doorstep?

The car of your dreams: You know what you want and we will do everything in our power to ensure you get the exact make and model that you have in mind. Taking it one step further, we do everything possible to get the most competitive pricing for that vehicle.

Bids Aplenty: We pride ourselves on obtaining bids from multiple dealers and brokers on your behalf. No matter what the price range you have in mind, we work hard to ensure you have choices that fit your situation.

No Time Wasted: Our streamlined approach means that your valuable time is saved for other things. We are there to deal with the negotiations and lock in the best deals for you. That translates into less frustration and fewer headaches for our clients.

Understanding the Concept of a Car Lease

Many people tend to think of a car lease as being along the lines of a car rental that lasts for years. While that’s not exactly the concept, it does serve as a starting point.

Here’s how a lease works. As the lessee, you pay money to the dealer or broker (lessor) in return for taking possession and being able to drive the car. That lease is in effect for a specified amount of time. The terms and conditions spell out what you and the lessor agree will take place for the life of the lease. That includes the number of miles you drive the car during the year. It also includes provisions for changing that number limit if necessary and adjusting the lease amount accordingly.

Those payments help to offset the natural depreciation that takes place as the car ages. The result is a win-win situation for you and for the dealer or broker that you find through our platform.

What are Some of the Reasons for Leasing Cars?

People lease cars for all sorts of reasons. One has to to with the general expense. Leasing is more affordable than purchasing the same make and model. With the pricing on vehicles increasing each year, leasing allows you to drive a new car without taking on the debt.

Leasing is also kinder to the budget. Did you know that a car lease generally means a lower down payment? What do you think about the idea of having a lower monthly lease payment instead of a higher car loan payment each month? Many people find this frees up more of their income to handle other important needs.

Maintenance is another perk of entering into a car lease. While the basics still need to be addressed, most lease agreements end before the auto warranty expires. That limits the possibility of needing to shell out a lot of money for some major repair.

Some people lease cars because they want something new every couple of years. Compare that to buying a car and driving it for the next six or seven years. You can lease and enjoy the comfort of something relatively new, and not have to deal with the hassle of selling when it’s time to find a new ride.

What Consumers Need to Know About Leasing a Car

We’ll help you walk through the process of finding the right car with the right lease agreement. Along the way, we’ll work with you on several points:

The Importance of the Sales Price: The amount you pay each month is based on the sales price for that make and model. A lower sales price translates into a lower lease payment for you.

What is Meant by the Residual Percentage and Amount: The current value of the car selected is based on depreciation and expressed as a residual percentage. We’ll show you how a car with a higher residual percentage comes with a slower rate of depreciation. That in turn helps you focus on options that include lower payments each month.

The Mileage Allowance: Every car lease comes with an annual mileage allowance or allotment. Keep within that allowance and you will not incur any additional fees. That’s important, because those additional charges are base on a per-mile rate. We’ll help you calculate the average number of miles you drive during the month, and understand what going over your allowance will mean in terms of incurring an additional fee.

Understanding That Clause About a Disposition Fee: When you return a car at the end of the lease, the lessor has to prepare the car for sale or leasing to another client. This fee covers the expense. It’s not unusual for the lease to include a charge of somewhere between $300 and $500. Understand that getting a lease without this fee included is not likely.

The Meaning of Money Factor: this is basically another way of saying annual percentage rate (APR). For you, the goal is to lock in a lower amount. As with the APR, a lower figure saves you money.

Comparing Car Buying to Car Leasing

The fact that you’ve come to our site and reading this page indicates that you’re in the market for a Los Angeles car lease. While we’re ready to help, let’s take a moment and go over some of the differences between buying and leasing. We want you to be happy and that means providing you with information that helps you make the right choice. Our team at Zoomr is convinced that before you enter into any type of car lease in Los Angeles, you should know exactly what to expect.

Who’s The Owner?

Buying a car using any means – ranging from securing a car loan to paying cash – means the vehicle is all yours. If you have a car loan, you must make the payments in order to keep owning the car. People who choose to lease cars do not own them. The dealer who is leasing the vehicle to you still owns it. The fact that you don’t own the car is why you will pay lower monthly payments.

Assessing the Costs on the Front End

Buying a new car and financing it will mean putting supplying some type of up-front payment. It may be cash or it may the equity in the vehicle you are trading in. For some buyers, it’s both. Factors like your credit rating and the requirements set in place by the lender will impact how much you need to put down.

Leasing a car is simpler. At the time you sign the lease, you provide a reasonable security deposit, the acquisition fee, the first monthly payment, and any other taxes and fees that are due according to the lease terms and conditions. If you like, pay more up front and you can lower your monthly lease payments.

The Car Value in the Years to Come

When you buy a car, it will be sold some day. At that point, the car is essentially worth what somebody is willing to pay for it and no more. The make and model, how well you take care of the vehicle, and whether there is someone who wants it all play a role in setting the price.

When you lease instead of buy, that future value doesn’t matter. You will return the vehicle when the lease expires and be free to get a newer car and establish a new lease.

The Final Payments

If you financed the purchase of a car, you gain the full title once the loan is paid in full. Once you have the title in hand, you have proof that there no one else has any claim on the vehicle. It’s yours to do whatever you like without having to get permission from any other person or entity.

Leasing means you can return the car at the end of the lease and start the process over. Do you still like the car and want to keep it? Many leases include purchase clauses that can be utilized during or at the end of the lease. All you have to do is say so and the final purchase can move forward.