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Audi A5 Cabriolet Lease Deals

Audi A5 Cabriolet Lease Deals

Car leasing is an alternative to buying. Instead of taking out a loan and paying a giant sum of money up front in order to acquire a new car, you simply pay a small down payment and make regular low monthly payments in order to drive the car for the period of the lease. Buying a car can land you in a bad financial situation in a hurry and it typically requires a long-term commitment that many people just aren’t ready to make. There are many reasons why you should lease a car. Here are just a few of those reasons.

Why lease?

The down payment on a lease is generally 20% or less of the car’s total value, meaning that you can get started with leasing much quicker than you can with buying.

Lower monthly payments

You can rent an extremely nice car for very low monthly payments. When people buy, they often settle for a car that will “do” for the time being, without considering that they will be making payments on that car for 10 or more years. Leasing leaves room to save.

Less upkeep

When you lease, you are typically leasing a very new car that’s still under warranty. If you encounter car troubles, you won’t be paying hefty mechanic fees like you would if you bought a car.

Tax blessings

Leasers often find themselves benefiting from a large number of tax breaks come tax time. You won’t be paying taxes on the total price of the car, just the monthly payments. This reduces the amount of taxes you owe.

Short-term commitment

Since leasing is a short-term arrangement, you give yourself a lot of room to grow before buying a car. Not only do you drive an extremely nice car compared to what you’d have been able to afford if you bought, but you also can switch cars every few years and test the roads with them. Some people love cars so it’s only natural that this will be a real perk for leasers.

Save money on gas

For gas price conscious people, there’s another perk of leasing. When you lease, you get a set number of miles that you’re allowed to drive per year. At first these set miles might seem like a liability, but if you can stick to the set miles you’re going to save an outrageous amount of money on gas. There’s no need to fill up all the time when you’re driving on limited miles.

The biggest reason to lease

You could argue that any of these reasons are the best reason to lease. Every household driving situation will differ and change what makes for the best reason to lease. Overall, though, is the ability to save money in the short-term by leasing. Over the course of time, you’re going to be driving a car that you’re absolutely in love with for a short period of time and a very small amount of money compared to the hefty costs of financing and buying.

It’s important to be conscious of the big leasing terms: Money factor, disposition fee, set mileage. Once you learn the basics of leasing, you open up an entirely new path for yourself on the road. For most, leasing is about saving money short-term, not long-term. If you want to give yourself room to establish yourself and your family financially while still driving a stellar car, then leasing is an excellent option.

Remember that leasing a car requires a higher credit rating than buying a car. If you have excellent credit or at least good credit, leasing becomes a possibility for you. A lease is an opportunity to free up additional funds every month. You escape from the hefty down payment required on a new car and instead pay about 20% of total car price. What this means to most people is that you literally get a new lease on life. You’ll be able to drive a safe, dependable, and beautiful car while saving money to buy a car someday.

Some folks always prefer to lease. Since few can afford to buy a new car often, leasing gives car lovers the opportunity to drive many different kinds of cars over the course of their lifetimes. It’s not even about the money they’re saving. It’s about the flexibility leasing offers and the beautiful cars they’ll have the opportunity to drive over the years.

Remember that leasing doesn’t always mean that you walk away from the lease at the end, either. You can arrange to buy a leased vehicle at the end of the lease. While it’s nice to know that you can move onto a new car and walk away from the leased vehicle at the end of the lease, you still have the freedom to pursue ownership of that car if it captures your heart.