When you lease a car, there are a few limitations. This could be a new concept to first-time leasers. Do not worry about this; it is okay to have questions and to wonder what you can or cannot do with your leased car. One of the most common concerns that first-time car leasers have is whether they can lend the car to others. This is a great question, and the following will help clear some things up for you.

Can Someone Else Drive Your Leased Car?

The answer is complicated because some people can drive your car if you give them permission but others cannot. Yes, this sounds a little confusing, but hopefully, it will become clearer to you.

First of all, your contract should specify who can drive your leased car. This gets a little weird because all leasers are not the same. Some leasers will allow you to add a spouse, family members, or even friends, yet some will only allow a spouse to be added.

Things get a little more dicey from there. The leaser actually has to trust the person that you are adding. This means some of their personal information might be reviewed, which could include driving record among other things.

You probably know that the person you lend your car to will have to have a valid license and should be covered by suitable insurance, just in case. Okay, now you got permission to let your spouse or family member use your car, which is great, but it is not over.

The sheer act of lending a leased vehicle is quite complex for you because you have to consider a number of additional things. For one, you must make sure that the person you lend the car to knows all the rules.

For example, have you calculated how many miles you have driven in your current month? You need to make sure that this person keeps track of his or her miles to ensure that the miles stay within your limit. Remember that there is a fee for each mile that exceeds your contract. It might be a little strange to force your relative to pay for additional miles if you find out they went over your monthly limit.

The person who uses your car should also be aware of other limitations depending on how long you are thinking of lending the car. For example, you cannot allow the person to make any changes to your car because you will have to pay to restore the car to its normal state when you turn in the vehicle. It is important to communicate how delicately the vehicle has to be driven. A leased car contract usually calculates regular wear and tear but will charge additional fees should you return a car that was driven harshly.

You probably do your best to drive your car responsibly, but that does not mean the person you lend it to will. It is your money here, and you are ultimately going to be responsible for any damages or issues with the car by the time you return it. Ideally, you will tell who ever you lend the car to everything they need to know about driving your car, and they will listen. This is the reason you only lend to drivers who you trust. Drivers who are not too trustworthy should be left out because it is simply not worth the aggravation.

Now, those who want to lend the car to someone else who is not on the contract should contact the leaser. Ask to see if this person can be added before you let this individual use the car. Make sure that the person’s paperwork is in order, such as the license and insurance, which should make this a lot easier. Of course, this only works for those who have a leaser that allows you to add more people, so be sure to ask before you loan out your car.

A driver who is restricted should not be allowed to drive the car because the leaser specifically instructed you that he or she is not allowed. Going against the leaser could result in penalties for you, which are unnecessary.

Yes, all of this is limiting when compared to the freedoms given when you purchase a car, but the benefits of leasing are worth it. Think about it for a minute; you skipped the down payment and large monthly installments. You can drive around in the newest cars continuously. You do not have to worry about paying for any major repairs on the car because it is under warranty. You get all these perks and more because you leased a car, so a few limitations here and there are not so bad.