Over the last couple decades, Cadillac has built its reputation on the foundations of luxurious excellence. The body of the Cadillac CTS looks attractively alluring with an athletic design. A look near the trunk reveals 275/35R-18 wheels that give you the impression of greater width. Cadillac understands how to bring the CTS into the future, and the new model has aged like fine wine. Some of the updates since the 2014 car has been a mild visual enhancement that maintains the freshness. In addition, manufacturers turned the logo on its head and gave it a redesign.

Should You Lease the Cadillac CTS?

Here at our dealership in Long Island, we negotiate as the middleman with the leasing companies to pass the savings onto you. When leasing a vehicle, having the dealership on your side is exceptionally important because their job involves helping their customers to lower the monthly payments on the lease. Lease a Cadillac CTS, and you will have the undiluted power of a wild beast. A quick jab at the throttle means business. Meanwhile, a tap on the brake or a light turn of the steering wheel shows off the world-class performance of this mighty sedan. For those who have driven luxury vehicles, they might be worried about the throttle’s hair-trigger, and it becoming more of a nuisance. While the throttle handles with explosive response, but it never goes to the point where it impedes performance on the road. If you choose to bring out this car’s sparkling potential, however, you will have the option to storm down the highway from zero to 60 in 4.5 seconds. As you step on the gas pedal, the engine growls like a tiger circling its prey. Even in the lower engine revving stage, it still purrs with satisfaction.

Under the Hood

A glance under the hood shows the raw power of this sporty vehicle. First, it features a 640 horsepower V8 engine, provided you choose the CTS-V. With the responsive eight-speed automatic, the Cadillac CTS roars down the highway while playing a soundtrack intended for a racy experience. Of the sports sedans, the Cadillac CTS proves a favorite that even racked up three of the 10Best Cars trophies since its first debut in 2014. Leasing a car has some astounding benefits. Instead of trading it off, for example, you can simply upgrade to a newer and more impressive car after the lease ends. At the end of a three-year leasing term, the car will often start to call for more repairs that can hurt the pocketbook. Leasing hands you the advantage of always having a new car in the garage. Our dealership in Long Island can help, and what’s more, we will deliver the new car to your office or home after you have signed the leasing papers. Surprise your family or coworkers with a ride that screams luxury in every detail. Here are some of the advantages of leasing a new CTS:

  • Predictable monthly payments
  • Less time spent begging for a bank loan
  • You don’t have to pay as much upfront
  • You can upgrade to a better car when the lease ends

It should be no secret the Cadillac CTS means business. The pure and dynamic character of this sports sedan shows us the new and improved standard of luxury. A glance at the cabin instantly showcases a polished and professional look. Once the wheels start spinning on the road, the bright spirit of the Cadillac CTS comes alive as it shows its true colors on your commute to work. The Cadillac CTS is a trophy-to-the-air winner, and you can lease it through affordable monthly payments.

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