The BMW X5 was introduced in the late nineties as a competitor to the Mercedes M-Class. The exterior of the current model is not different from the first version. The interior has a cool finish and fit. The X5 is in the large SUV category. It faces stiff competition from the Audi Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne.

The BMW X5 truly shines in this category across all the engine ranges that are available. The smallest four-cylinder engine is still able to power the vehicle along regardless of the weight of the car. The engine does well at low revs and continues to pull until you hit the red line. It is important to note that the six-cylinder diesel engines are even stronger, but they might not be necessary because the petrol engines work so well. The xDrive 40e is a plug-in hybrid model. It comes with an electric motor and a 2.0-litre petrol engine. The motor is able to power the car for nearly 20 miles such that the car does not use any gas. The V8 petrol engine is powerful. It gives off a lot of power when you floor the accelerator.

Driving Position
The BMW X5 gets five stars in this category because of the dash layout and the adjustment that it gives the driver. SE models have electric height and seat backrest adjustment capability. All models across the X5 range provide electric lumbar support. The M sports models have a sportier style and give you electric control of the driver’s seat. The pedals are accustomed to lining up nicely regardless of the model since the X5 is automatic only. This means that the driver will not have to sit in an awkward position on long journeys. The dash controls on the X5 are easy to reach for both the passenger and the driver.

The BMW X5 has one of the best handling grips among the large SUVs that are available on the market. This holds no matter the suspension that you choose. The SUV provides a lot of grip in tight bends while still managing to stay flat. The dynamic setup outshines standard and comfort on curvy roads by allowing less body float. The entry-level sDrive25d is the only X5 that does not have a four-wheel drive.

All BMW X5s come with the BMW iDrive. This is one of the best infotainment systems out there. The Professional iDrive package comprises of a 10-inch screen between the front seats that can be accessed through a controller. The resolution of the screen is very high. This means that the output quality is very sharp. The system also comes with a 20GB hard drive, Bluetooth functionality, voice control, and USB sockets. The controller is very detailed and has many useful buttons.

The diesel does not do quite as well in this category even though the V8 petrol is smooth. The four-cylinder buzzes a lot even when you accelerate the car moderately. It is important to note that the six-cylinders are relatively better, but they start to sound strained when the car is going.

Build Quality
The X5 has a very good interior. It falls in this category because of the standards that other rivals in the range have set. The X5 falls behind the Volvo XC90 and the Range Rover Sport that have very fine interiors. The switches and knobs are not up to the standard of the car. The materials that are used in some of the parts are of sub-standard quality. This is one of the best SUVs on the market. You can be able to get one through the New York BMW x5 Lease Deals. You can search through New York BMW x5 Lease Deals to find the one that has the most convenient terms for you.

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