First released onto the market in 2003, the BMW X3 is a popular compact luxury crossover SUV that provides drivers with the class and performance they crave. Regardless of which year’s model you get, you will be buying a vehicle crafted with precision handling and engine efficiency in mind. Currently in its second generation, the X3 still stands out among its ever-growing list of competitors.

Pros to Driving a BMW X3

One of the biggest reasons to get a BMW X3 is that it gets excellent fuel economy and a stellar performance from all of its engine options. Both the xDrive28i and sDrive28i get an estimated 24 mpg combined (21 city mpg/28 highway mpg) on a 2.0-L turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that generates 240 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. Meanwhile, the xDrive28d gets approximately 30 mpg combined (27 city mpg/34 highway mpg). The xDrive28d is powered by a 2.0-L 4-cylinder diesel engine that gets 180 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque.

Also, you won’t be left to question the quality of the X3’s interior design. This vehicle screams “luxury” and is truly crafted from high-quality materials. The interior style is restrained and classical yet has a fantastic touchscreen interface and infotainment system with the iDrive. The integrated touchpad is incredibly useful and easy to navigate.

If you are looking for something that has high safety ratings, the BMW X3 consistently performs well in its crash tests. The 2017 X3 has received five out of five stars on its government crash tests. The optional BMW Remote Services system provides a plethora of helpful safety upgrades as well and is worth the cost to purchase.

You won’t find more precise handling on anything in this class and would have to spend a lot more money on something much sportier. The X3 feels incredibly nimble while handling difficult turns and glides effortlessly over bumpy surfaces.

The amount of cargo room and cabin room make the BMW X3 one of the most spacious cars in its class. Up front, you have plenty of leg, shoulder, and headroom. In the rear, you have more than enough space to comfortably seat several bigger adults. When you fold the rear seats down, you get a total of 63.3 cubic feet of space, which is quite generous for this class.

Cons to Driving a BMW X3

While there are many wonderful reasons why you should consider buying or leasing the BMW X3, this car does have a few drawbacks that you should be aware of. First and foremost, you are paying for the BMW brand, so expect to shell out more money for this car than you would for one of its similarly-equipped competitors.

Second, some of the controls can feel counterintuitive and are therefore difficult for many drivers to learn and engage with. Once the driver learns the functions of the controls, however, they start to make more sense.

Additionally, the rearview camera is optional, not standard. Many lower-priced vehicles now come equipped with a standard rearview camera, so this could be a major turn-off to any driver looking for this particularly helpful feature.

Finally, the BMW X3’s adaptive cruise control is not very responsive and seems finicky when compared to systems found on other cars in its class. It isn’t exactly a deal-breaker, but it needs refinement in order to keep the X3 up-to-par with its competition.

The Overall Verdict

There are a lot of great aspects of driving a BMW X3. Regardless of which year or trim level you opt for, you are getting a comfortable and luxurious vehicle that is capable of generating a lot of power. Compared to other cars in its segment, the X3 is a well-rounded vehicle. However, its few drawbacks need to be addressed by BMW to keep it ahead of the competition in years to come.

Everyone needs a car, and everyone wants a good deal. One way to blend these two wants is to lease a car because they are less expensive than purchasing a car. Many people go over their budget when financing a car. This is something you do not have to do if you opt for leasing instead.

Keep in mind that BMW X3 car leases end before the warranty ends, which means major repairs and services are not your responsibility. You do not have to hunt down a mechanic or pay for these services but rather take the car to the dealership.

What Does Leasing a BMW X3 Car Lease Involve?

There are many ways to answer this question, but the simplest way to do this is to break down the answer into the following so that you understand what it means to lease a car:

Your Payments Reflect the Car’s Value.

Those who want a low monthly payment will simply need to lease a vehicle with a low price tag.

Higher Residual Percent Saves You Money.

Another way to save money is by paying attention to the residual value percentage. This is factored into your monthly payments and is used to cover the car’s depreciation. What you should do is get a car with the highest value, which results in lower monthly payments.

Understand Your Set Miles.

You have to take set miles seriously. What you need to find out is how many miles you are given each month because you will be charged a fee for each mile over your limit. You should also find out how much you will be charged per mile just in case this happens.

Expect a Disposition Fee

Leasing a car usually involves paying a disposition fee. This fee is charged when you return the car at the end of lease. The amount you have to pay is somewhere between $300 and $500 though you should ask before leasing so that you are prepared.

Understand What Money Factor Means.

The money factor can determine if you will save money or not. It is similar to the ARP, so do your best to find the lowest money factor before leasing.

Is it Better to Lease or Buy a Car?

You are thinking of buying or leasing a car, but you are not sure which one suits you best. This is a good thing; it means you are a meticulous shopper, meaning you are going to end up saving cash and being happy about your decision. Of course, BMW X3 Lease Deals are great options, but it is better to know everything there is to know about purchasing and leasing before making a decision. Zoomr believes an informed customer is a wise customer.

You Won’t Own the Car

It is not secret that those who buy a car will usually own it at some point. Those who are leasing a car are really just paying to borrow the car from the real owner, which is the lender. The benefit is that BMW X3 lease deals can offer amazingly low monthly payments. The other side of the coin is that you will not be able to mortgage or sell the car like you would if you had purchased it.

Leasing Cuts Down Up-Front Costs

You have probably heard of that infamous down payment you have to make when purchasing a vehicle. These down payments can be ridiculously high at times, so much so that some use their entire savings to pay it. Now, some opt to trade in their vehicle, which might serve as the down payment or at least may reduce the payment.

Leasing does not require you to pay a huge down payment or trade in a car. This means you can sell your old car on your own or keep it. All you need to leave is the first month’s payment, security deposit, taxes, and additional fees. The amount you end up paying is much lower, and that is something everyone can be happy with. Remember that you can choose to pay more upfront if you want a lower monthly payment.

No Need to Worry About Selling BMW X3 Car Leases

You do not have to worry about selling car leases because that will be up to the car lender. Finding a car with a high resale value or worrying about finding someone willing to pay high prices for a used car is not something a person leasing a car has to worry about. You do not even have to worry about following a strict maintenance schedule, so just turn in your car at the end of your lease and you are done.

End Payments

The end payment usually means you completed the purchase of a car. The title is finally given to you, and you are free of payments. Leasing is not the same; you can buy the car once the lease is done, but you do not have to. You can simply return the vehicle.

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