The luxury car brand BMW created the M3 in the 1980s. The BMW M3 created a new category for cars called the “sports sedan” market. Throughout the years, the M3 has become dominant in this category through its power, handling, and attractive looks. Wealthy people have embraced the $64,000 car as the best sedan you can get for your money.

This review will discuss why the BMW M3 is a great buy. The review will reveal some of the car’s pros and cons, as well as talk about why this sports sedan is well worth the money.

The M3 Makes Manual Standard

BMW remains one of the few manufacturers that still put a manual transmission in its cars. In the M3, it’s standard. In the 2017 model, BMW outfitted it with a 6-speed manual as standard. You can also request a 7-speed dual clutch as an option.

The M3 Comes With New Colors

If you purchase certain models of the M3 that have unique badging, you can get a fancier paint job on your BMW than the other luxury cars that you will pass on the street. One of the more surprising color choices that come with the M3 is “Austin Yellow” that looks more puke green than anything. However, if you want to get people’s attention, Austin Yellow is the way to go. If you’d rather not turn heads with your car’s paint job, choose either Marina Blue or Tanzanite Blue Metallic.

The M3 Comes With Sports Car Muscle

You can choose the $4,000+ Competition Package when you buy the M3. This package is a great option as you’ll get all the power of a sports car in a sedan. The Competition Package includes 444 horsepower, M-tuned suspension, and a unique trim that has 20-inch wheels on the car’s exterior that set it apart from the other M3s. The feeling that you get from contact with the road has you thinking that you’re driving a coupe, not a sedan. The seats that come with the Competition Package are ergonomic and comfortable. They’re like what you would find in a jet. These seats give you none of the stress in your hips and shoulders that poorly designed car seats do.

Luxury Options

Makers of race cars often put an excessive amount of thought into making the vehicle as fast and nimble as they possibly can. What all this attention means is that they sacrifice things such as the materials, subtle seat design, and even the stitching. When you buy the M3, you’ll not only get a powerful performance from the vehicle. You’ll also get luxury details that you’re sure to enjoy as you’re driving. In the 2017 version, it contains optional mirror caps, blacked out grills, M-spec brakes, and seats made of merino leather.

Only The Essentials

With the M3, you’ll only get what you need. The iDrive system (wireless functions such as Bluetooth, audio, and climate) comes standard with every car and sits on a bare dashboard. If you want the Executive Package for $3,900, you’ll receive creature comforts such as rear view cameras, park distance control, headlight washers that retract, heads-up display, wireless charging for your devices and Wi-Fi. All of these features will soon become practical and indispensable before you know it.

The Need For Speed

The M3 has a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 155 mph. The BMW M3 drives a lot faster than other cars in its class that are a lot more expensive. If you purchase the Competition Package, you’ll more than satisfy your need for speed. Just prepare yourself for the onslaught of parking tickets you’re about to get. A love of speed combined with a powerful car can cost you a lot of money! But if you have the BMW M3 in your garage, those parking tickets will be a small price to pay.

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