The BMW i8 is a fast and safe car. This is because it is a car that is manufactured exceptionally. It has been incorporated with the latest body parts and the latest models in the industry. The car has been modified with time. It was developed in 2009 and was released in the market between 2010 and 2011. The car is comfortable and fast with different unique features. These features include;

1. Electronically limited speed
The BMW i8 increases its speed within four seconds. This makes it a safe car because the speed is limited electronically. It has a speed limit of 250 Km/h. This shows that it is fast. It also makes the car attractive to clients. The car is unique because of how fast it can pick and reduce speed. This makes it safe and fast. Customers consider it when they need to purchase a fast car.

2. Fuel Efficiency
The car is fast compared to other vehicles that consume too much fuel. It consumes fuel economically. The car consumes about two liters per every 100 kilometers. This is one of the unique features of the car that makes it striking to clients. It saves people money.

3. It is environmental friendly
The car emits about 49 grams of carbon monoxide per kilometer. This car is safe and environmentally friendly. It has passed the test under the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This makes it safe for the environment. It is an advantage for the car because it is environment-friendly.

The best designers designed the car. The glasses of the car are made from the polycarbonate material. This glass is of high quality and cannot be broken easily. This makes it good for traveling because the glass is comfortable and transparent for the driver. The location of different parts of the car enables it to have a good and balanced shape. This balance makes the car safe and fast. The car has an electric motor. It makes it comfortable for the driver while driving. The car has a 3-cylinder gasoline engine. The engine is light. It enables the car to move easily and swiftly. The wheels of the car are of high quality. They are made from a material that supports the car to move fast without wearing and tearing. The wheels enable the car to have a long life and balance. This is because the braking system of the vehicle is enhanced using these wheels.

The positions of the electric motor and the engine enable the car to have an optimum weight. This is improved by the positioning of the parts in the engine. This enables it to have a low center of gravity. It makes the weight of the front part equivalent to the weight of the back. This makes the car to have an evenly distributed weight. The car is safe to serve its purpose. The car has some of the inevitable demerits because of its nature.

• The car is expensive
The car is expensive because of the nature of its model. It is built from the best body parts and has to pass world class tests. This makes the car expensive because of its general worth. The car has an expensive insurance that makes it an investment of its own. People must have money to insure and buy a car for them to purchase this car. The car is expensive to maintain because some of its body parts are outsourced from the main distributors of the car. This makes the car expensive and needs keen care to avoid damages. A driver who wishes to purchase a good sports car that is safe should consider BMW i8.

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