The BMW 3 Series was Released in 1975 with three Versions, the Gran Turismo, Sedan, and Sports Wagon. Now, the BMW 3 remains the most popular of the series manufactured by the company. The signature styling of the series makes it distinctive and is a part of the reason so many people on Long Island pick the BMW as a lease option.

Among the most impressive features of each BMW is that the weight distribution which is nearly perfect. The suspension and steering are designed for maneuverability and to hug the road. The 320 horsepower engine provides you the power you expect from BMW. The 3 Series makes your trip comfortable and stress-free.

The manufacturer’s innovative features include Heads Up Display, which makes it easier to observe the road, iDrive, and iPerformance to control the vital features that you care about. Among the best features of the BMW 3 Series is that it can be customized, so you have the driving experience you desire. Available options include the M Sport or Luxury Bundles.

Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo provides the exceptional performance featured in all BMW models. Among the greatest features of the Gran Turismo is that xDrive, the all-wheel drive system is standard which makes it much easier to maneuver no matter how adverse the weather conditions are. The Panoramic Moon Roof is a standard feature on the Gran Turismo to experience the scenery while you drive. The lift and slide are electric for easy maneuverability. When it is hot outside the electric sunshade keeps the inside of the vehicle cool, and the wind deflector keeps the wind outside. The setup of the Gran Turismo offers more leg room for rear passengers, a driver’s seat that is elevated for improved visibility, and more cargo space.

Series 3 Sedan

One of the key features of the Series 3 Sedan is the extraordinary suspension system with more suspension anchor points than other luxury cars, the rear damping technological improvements, and the strut towers in front allow for optimum control and responsiveness. BMW makes maintenance on the Series 3 Sedan easier than ever before. The sensors transmit information about your car to the nearest BMW service center, so once you need maintenance or parts, everything is ready for installation when you arrive in the middle. The Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information attribute permits you to avoid heavy traffic by using alternate routes.

Sports Wagon

The new BMW Series 3 Sports Wagon is available with a 4-cyinder diesel engine or turbocharged gas engine, and all-wheel drive. The 4-cylinder engine has updated the 328 xDrive to 330 xDrive. The iDrive navigation system was updated to 5.0 for more precision. The exterior, Matte-chrome finish that was previously optional is now a standard feature. More options for equipment on the Sports Wagon and colours for the inside are now available.

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