The 2016 Toyota Corolla is a clear testament of the knowledge Toyota has about the taste and needs of its customers. The 2016 model represents the 11th generation of the Corolla, presenting itself as a reliable and affordable transportation option. This compact sedan has a fresh look, delivers great value and boasts of various technologically advanced features. Here is what you should expect from the five-seat sedan.

The strengths
Although the 2016 Corolla features crisp lines, most of its strengths are found on the inside. Below are some of the reasons you may like this Corolla.

A lot of standard equipment
With the 2016 Toyota Corolla, you get a lot of standard features for your money. Some of the notable features include 15-inch steel wheels, air-conditioning, powered accessories, LED running lights, steering wheel with auxiliary controls, voice controls and Bluetooth connectivity.

Impressive ride quality
Whether you will use the car within cities or drive it on highways, you will enjoy the pleasant ride quality it offers. The construction of the compact sedan not only delivers comfort but gives you a smooth ride throughout your journey.

High fuel economy
As you can expect from any Toyota Corolla, this vehicle has a fuel-efficient engine. From the LE Eco, you can expect a combined fuel economy of 35 mpg in standard form and 34 mpg in Premium trim. The engine is still powerful enough to allow acceleration from zero to 60 mph in a little over nine seconds.

Spacious rear seats
Compared to most of the midsize sedans in the market today, the rear seat of the 2016 Corolla provides extra legroom. The spacious rear seats ensure that your passengers can sit comfortably, without pulling-up their legs or ducking their heads.

Straightforward infotainment system
The infotainment system in this 2016 Toyota is straightforward, featuring user-friendly controls, a 6.1-inch touchscreen interface, clear graphics and a series of services that you can connect to your smartphone.

Great interior design
This is one of the areas where the 2016 Corolla sets itself apart from competition. The high quality materials, stylish dashboard, various interfaces and controls are welcome luxuries in this category.

The downside
For a 2016 model, there are a number of issues that the manufacturer should have addressed. This would have placed the car firmly ahead of its competitors.

Competitors have more potent engines
Compared to most of its competitors, the engine found in the 2016 Toyota Corolla is less powerful. This makes its acceleration much slower, a factor that may discourage performance lovers from buying the five-seat sedan. This also compromises performance when driving up hills and on highways.

Few driver assistance features
The 2016 Corolla lacks most of the driver assistance features one can expect in today’s vehicles. Features such as adaptive cruise control would serve the important role of helping rivers to avoid accidents.

Does not inspire much driving excitement
The handling of the Corolla is quite dull, owing to the lifeless steering and noticeable body roll. The vehicle does not give the playfulness that you may expect if you are looking for driving excitement. However, if a quiet and compliant ride is what you need for commuting comfort, you should consider buying this car.

What you will like
If you can only afford a compact car but need midsize accommodation for your passengers, the 2016 Corolla may just be the right car for you. The sedan will easily help you strike a balance between affordability and backseat legroom.

What you may not like
While there is no doubt that the Corolla promises reliability, it trails its competitors in terms of features, power and handling. Most of the competitors in this market segment offer significantly better performance.