Everything You Need To Know About The 2014 Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla has been one of the best-rated car brands in the market for a long period. The car has been known as one of the best when matters related to safety and reliability are concerned. Since it’s inception in the American market in the late sixties, Toyota has maintained consistency in manufacturing dependable and reliable vehicles to customers who like simplicity.

The 2014 Toyota Corolla is not an exception in this well-known and deserved reputation. This particular model was completely designed to meet the ever-changing customer demands and tastes. However, just like with any car brand, this particular brand has advantages and disadvantages as well that we will highlight in this article. Let us start by looking at the advantages.

Reasons to buy the 2014 Toyota Corolla

– According to a car review¬†website, this particular model has all the simplicity and dependability that a driver needs. It’s four-cylinder engine provides the driver with a compact car that is competent because it drives well and responds easily.

– It has many added safety features that include a back-up camera, eight airbags, improved child locking system, fog lights and brighter LED lights. In a nutshell, this car is better when matters related to safety are concerned.

– It has an engine that runs smoothly and quietly. It has a manual transmission engine that is very easy to shift. If the customer chooses the automatic transmission engine, then the driving is made even easier. Owing to the latest technology, it’s 1.8-litre engine is about 5% more efficient with up to 140 HP.

– The car’s interior has a better and more stylish design. It has many added features like the manual tilt steering wheel, front sports seats, easy driver seat adjustment, illuminated entry as well as a navigation system that has voice command.

– It uses a technology that minimizes fuel usage. The car is estimated to deliver economy ratings of up to 29 MPG for city driving and 38 MPG when one is on the highway.

– It has a tire pressure sensing system that makes sure that the driver is informed about the status of the tires when driving. One of the most prominent features is the energy absorbing steering column that it comes accompanied by.

– It is affordable. Even though this model comes accompanied by some exclusive features, it is affordable to many people. It has a base price that begins from $16000 while the sportier models that have many additional features do not go beyond $22000. The 2014 Toyota Corolla is priced below other major brands and better still, it has a better re-sale value.

Disadvantages of buying the 2014 Toyota Corolla

– In many traffic situations, it is not able to accelerate fast enough. Many drivers complain that it’s horsepower is limited which might in itself pose a safety challenge.

– There have also been concerns about how the engine works. Many drivers have attested to the fact that it works better for city driving and not equally good for highway terrains.

– The car’s engine noise increases at around 40 MPH which makes passing it difficult to pass at any speed.

According to¬†CarAndDriver, the car is a standard measure of elegance, comfort, and affordability. For that precise reason, Toyota has and will remain to be the world’s bestsellers with not less than 40 million cars sold across all generations. The brand will continue to attract buyers who are in the search for comfort and elegance for a price that they can afford. The 2014 Toyota Corolla is no exception and offers them exactly that.