As small cars go, the Toyota Corolla has been one of the best. Introduced over four decades ago, it has risen from a little-known car to the king of its class. However, with increased competition from the Honda Civic and Chevrolet Cruze, the 2012 Corolla has faced some stiff challenges. Costing nearly $17,000 new, it’s fair market value today is just under $10,000. If you’re thinking of purchasing a 2012 Corolla, here are some pros and cons to take into consideration.

Safety Features
When it comes to safety, Toyota has long had a reputation for excellence, and it’s no different for the 2012 Corolla. Equipped with the Star Safe System, it includes an advanced anti-lock braking system, traction control, and Smart Stop Technology, which automatically shuts off the engine if the gas and brake pedals are pressed at the same time. In addition to these features, the Corolla also has six airbags and a tire-pressure monitoring system, which can alert drivers when their tires need air.

Comfort and Economy
While it needs 9.8 seconds to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour, the Corolla is not bought by people looking to win a race. However, it’s handling sometimes leaves drivers a bit perplexed, especially on windy roads. Even though the four-wheel independent suspension can keep the ride steady and comfortable, it fails to inspire confidence in the steering, which can be vague at times. But in many cases, these minor issues are overlooked in favor of its fuel economy, which varies from 26 mpg in the city to 35 miles mpg on the highway.

Spacious All Around
Even if it takes a little longer to accelerate, the Corolla isn’t made to win too many races. Though it may take longer to reach top speeds, this car has the endurance to go on and on for a long time. And while many cars in this class have limited leg room, the Corolla is just the opposite, with plenty of interior room for those in the front and rear. In addition to this, there is more than 12 cubic feet of cargo space, making it easy to haul groceries, luggage, or anything else. For more information on the Corolla’s interior space, visit Your text to link….

Standard Features
Like most cars in its class, the 2012 Toyota Corolla comes with plenty of standard features that make it one of the most popular cars in its class. Air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, and 60/40 split fold-down rear seats are all part of the Corolla package, helping it appeal to a wide variety of customers. Along with this, some models of the Corolla are decked out with more stylish features including rear spoiler, chrome accents, chrome-tipped exhaust, and rear mudguards.

A Good Value for the Money
With its excellent track record of reliability, the Toyota Corolla is still viewed by many as the premier compact car in its class. However, as the competition increases from such vehicles as the Mazda3, Ford Focus, and others, the gap has certainly narrowed in recent years. Nevertheless, the 2012 Toyota Corolla sports few drastic changes for this model year, which has kept many Toyota customers happy enough to keep coming back year after year. Even though its fuel economy, interior features, and conservative styling may be seen by some as needing improvement, most experts within the industry expect Toyota will make the changes necessary to keep the Corolla a top player in this class for years to come. For a solid value when it comes to a used car, the 2012 Corolla is a smart choice.