The 2009 Toyota Corolla maintains the standard that has been set since the original Toyota Corolla was introduced in the market. With the stiff competition in this market segment, the 2009 model was designed to include several impressive strengths. The car was completely redesigned, with adjustments that made it larger both inside and out. However, the compact sedan is not without some weaknesses.

The strengths of this model
There is no doubt that the 2009 model not only upheld the reputation of the Toyota Corolla but also introduced great features.

Comfortable ride
Comfort is one of the areas in which the sedan excels. Both the front and rear seats of this car are soft and comfortable, providing decent legroom even for tall drivers and passengers. The quality suspensions of the compact car have the ability to minimize the effects of bumps and road imperfections. You will also enjoy the quiet interior when travelling at highway speeds, thanks to the quelling of wind and road noise.

Simple controls
When it comes to the infotainment system and other functions, the controls are clearly marked to give you an easy time. Whether you want to access the climate controls, operate the stereo or control temperature, you will figure everything out in a matter of seconds.

Excellent fuel economy
Most 2009 Toyota Corollas come with a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine that is paired with a five speed manual transmission. The engine delivers a fuel economy of 27 mpg within cities and 35 mpg at highway speeds. These are excellent ratings by any standard, a factor that makes it an affordable car to run.

Spacious interior
This Toyota Corolla has a spacious interior, both in terms of passenger comfort and storage space. The car features well-sized door pockets, spacious glove boxes, a console bin and a large trunk. With such a spacious interior, this is an ideal car for families as well as long trips.

Being a Toyota, you can be sure that the purchase price will be pocket-friendly. When you finally decide to sell the car, you will benefit from the high resale value of this vehicle.

The downside
For all the strengths of the car, there are a number of downsides you should be aware of when thinking of buying the sedan.

Disconnected driving experience
Many people have termed the steering as lifeless since it does not transmit information from the tires to your hands when driving. With the disconnected driving experience, you will have no option but to guess and approximate how much you will need to turn the steering.

The interior switchgear feels cheap
Most of the electrical controls and switches in this Corolla feel cheap, both in terms of construction and function. This will undermine your experience both as a driver and a passenger.

When driving the compact sedan on highways and up hills, you will have to drive with a lead foot. The relatively small engine does not deliver impressive performance, a factor that strains the engine and reduces the miles per gallon significantly.

Who will like the car?
This car would be an excellent choice for car buyers who need a modest and fuel efficient compact sedan that will still promise them reliability. You will also like the 2009 Corolla if you want to buy an affordable vehicle from a trusted Japanese brand.

Why you may not like it
If you are looking for a compact car that combines practicality and efficiency with style and great driving experience, you may not like this car. Some of the less expensive vehicles in this category may offer you a better combination of these features.