The 2008 Toyota Corolla did not feature any significant changes when compared to its predecessor in the previous year. The car continued Corolla’s reputation for good reliability. Although the compact sedan is more expensive than its peers in this market segment, it was still touted as a dependable ride on a budget. Here is what the 2008 Corolla offers buyers.

The strengths
Over the years, the car manufacturer has striven to address customer complaints by improving every subsequent Toyota Corolla Model. Below are the strengths of the 2008 model.

Generous passenger space
Although the front seats have only average room, the biggest winners are the passengers in the back seat. The rear seat is not only comfortable but also makes it possible for two adults to sit without having to duck their heads or pull-up their legs. The trunk capacity is also generous enough to accommodate cargo for your family.

Great price
As much as the 2008 Toyota Corolla costs more that the Mazda 3 and Honda Civic, it still offers great value for money. Considering the strengths of the sedan, the price at which is available is quite affordable.

Agile handling
This car rides smoothly and maintains its composure, making it a suitable commuter car. It strikes an impressive balance between handling and comfort, even when negotiating sharp corners at relatively high speeds. While it may not be as sporty as some of its competitors, the Corolla has impressive acceleration.

Excellent interior quality
In order to increase the comfort and convenience that you enjoy while riding in the car, the interior design is quite dynamic. The high quality materials used to furnish the interior effectively enhance the visual appeal and ambience of the space. In addition, most of the controls have a solid feel and are user-friendly.

Well-matched transmission and engine
One of the reasons why the 2008 Corolla delivers agile handling, relatively good performance and great fuel economy is because of the well-matched transmission and engine. When paired with a five-speed manual transmission, the 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine produces 126 horsepower.

Excellent fuel economy
One of the selling points of this Corolla is the fuel economy. With figures as high as 26 mpg within cities and 35 mpg at highway speeds, the car appears at the top of economy compact sedan segment.

The downside
Even with all the great features that the Toyota Corolla offers buyers, there are several aspects that would do with a few adjustments and changes.

Noisy interior
When driving this 2008 Toyota at high speeds, the interior gets noisy. The vehicle does not keep out engine noise, wind noise and road noise. With such a noisy interior, your concentration while driving on the road may be significantly affected. The awkward driving position may also leave you feeling exhausted after driving for long hours.

Bland exterior styling
Every car fanatic would like to buy a car with distinct exterior features and unique body style. The 2008 Toyota Corolla has dull exterior styling, a factor that greatly undermines the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle.

Lacks in power
While the Corolla delivers relatively impressive performance when compared to its competitors, performance lovers will find it to be lacking in power.

Who would like this car?
Some of the people who will like this car are those looking for a compact sedan that promises good fuel economy, has a reputation for reliability and great resale value. The 2008 Toyota Corolla ranks highly in this regard.

Why you may not like the car
The 2008 Corolla will not meet your expectations if you prefer high-end options and cutting-edge styling. You may also not like it if you are a performance lover.