The 2006 Toyota Corolla is a four-door compact sedan with a few model lineups: the CE, the S, the LE, and the XRS. The CE is an ultra-economy compact sedan in the base Corolla trim. The S is the sporty but relatively inexpensive upgrade to the CE, while the LE takes a more luxury approach with faux wood interior trim and upgrades like keyless entry. The XRS is the most sporty option, with firm handling and cruise control as well as a rear spoiler.

This trustworthy little car can seat up to five people, but four is generally more comfortable. A full 13.2-gallon tank can take you over 340 miles! It’s easy to get in and out of and the leg room and overall comfort are above-average for a compact economy vehicle.

Toyota’s Corolla line has been popular and highly recommended in the years since the first Corolla was launched in 1966. It’s one of the most common cars you’ll see today with over 43 million assembled so far!

The 2006 models are relatively similar. The CE, S, and LE models all have 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder engines with 126 horsepower. They’re available in manual and automatic designs, with the automatics getting around 30 MPG in city driving and about 40 MPG on the highway. The somewhat limited-edition XRS features a similar engine build but with 164 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torgue compared to the other models’ 122 pound-feet. However, the tradeoff is lower fuel economy: the XRS gets 26/34 city/highway MPG.

When comparing the different 2006 Corolla models, it’s easy to remember that the engine, transmission, and suspension are all the same in the CE, S, and LE. Even the most economic CE model feels good, with a well-designed interior that doesn’t feel cramped and a smooth, quiet ride. The reliability of the Corolla shows in its pricing as a used vehicle: it holds its value better than most other vehicles on the market!

Worried about safety? Who isn’t! But the 2006 Toyota Corolla received a good evaluation from the NHTSA and IIHS. For the best safety performance, look for a model with the optional side airbags.

Some common issues people have experienced with Toyota Corollas from the 10th generation (such as the 2006 Corolla) are troubles with cold weather starts, faulty water pumps, and less precise steering than some would prefer. Knowing how previous owners have responded to recalls and the service history of the vehicle can go a long way! It can be difficult to snatch up a used Toyota Corolla because they’re such reliable cars overall and get great mileage.

The Corolla makes a great first car, although concerned parents may prefer a model from 2009 or later for more modern safety features and design. It’s a great all-around general vehicle for commuting and travel. It can even tow up to 1500 pounds! A 2006 model combines a lower price compared to other value-retaining Corollas from more recent years with the same reliability, mileage, and comfort expected from the Corolla line!