When the 2005 Toyota Corolla was released into the market, it featured a number of significant upgrades. The solid sedan had a more powerful engine as well as a sport-tuned suspension. For an economy car, this 2005 model offers a bit more fun on the road. A great car for commuting to work as well as family transportation, the sedan ranks better than its competitors in this market segment. Below are some of the pros and cons you need to know about the 2005 Toyota Corolla.

The strong points
Depending on what you look for in a car, the following features may make you love this particular Corolla.

A host of safety features
One of the most impressive aspects of this Corolla is the host of safety features that the manufacturer included. In order to ensure that both you and your passengers are safe, the vehicle comes with side curtain airbags, front-impact airbags and stability control. Some of the other safety features include seatbelt pretensioners to hold the occupant securely in position in the event of a collision. A combination of these features ensures that the car enjoys above average crash test scores.

Reputation for reliability
An important feature that most car enthusiasts look for is the reliability of the vehicle. The 2005 Toyota Corolla achieves this quite impressively by running smoothly and demanding minimal repairs. With regular maintenance, the Corolla remains in good condition and delivers impressive reliability.

Refined interior
The interior of this sedan saw a number of changes and upgrades. This delivers better comfort and style than you would expect from an economy car. Whether made of cloth or leather, all the seats are comfortable. In the car, you will find cup holders, simple radio controls, air conditioning controls and storage cubbies that make the interior more convenient.

Solid construction
Apart from the design, the solid construction of the 2005 Corolla is evident just by looking at the exterior. Such construction adds to both the durability and reliability of the sedan, making it a good buy. For a vehicle regarded as an economy car, the aerodynamic body allows for a smooth ride and responsive handling.

The downside
Some of the features of this sedan do not compare favorably with those of its competitors. This may make you want to consider other vehicles in the same category.

Sedan body style only
When it comes to the body style, the 2005 Corolla limits the options available to car buyers. In this year, it was only available as a compact sedan. For sedan lovers, this may not be a big issue. However, those who like alternative body styles may consider having a look at other vehicle brands and models.

Costs too much
Another common complaint about this Corolla is its lack of personality and its high price tag. When compared to its peers, the sedan costs too much, even when buyers desire the most basic features. In short, you may want to seriously consider pricing before buying it.

Awkward seat positions
A good number of people have complained about the awkward position of the driver’s seat. This undermines the driving experience you get from the 2005 Corolla and can be tiring, especially when driving over long distances. While the seats are generally comfortable, passengers in the back seats have limited leg room.

With four trims available, the 2005 model of the Toyota Corolla offers buyers more options both in terms of engines and transmissions. If you do not mind spending some extra money on a car that enjoys excellent crash test scores, the 2005 Toyota Corolla may be the car for you.