When searching for a used car, many people consider the Toyota Corolla. The 2000 Toyota Corolla features a four cylinder engine with 125 horsepower. It is available in a variety of colors. It has front wheel drive and is an automatic. This vehicle has several features that can make it an ideal purchase. Like many cars, it also has some negative features and reviews. Here is a breakdown of the 2000 Toyota Corolla’s pros and cons.

The Pros 
The 2000 Toyota Corolla is inexpensive due to its age. It can often be purchased for under $6,000. This makes it an affordable choice for car shoppers on a budget. The 2000 Toyota Corolla is also a safe car to drive. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave this model an A for overall crash safety. Like many Toyota vehicles, the 2000 Toyota Corolla has a solid build and a frame that performed well in most crash tests. Like many Toyotas, the 2000 Toyota Corolla is frequently reviewed as being reliable. Numerous drivers report achieving over 200,000 miles in their 2000 Toyota Corolla. It has a combined fuel economy of 28 MPG. Due to brand popularity, maintenance on any Toyota vehicle is also very cost effective. Yearly repairs generally fall under $400, although more costly repairs can occur around 125,000 miles. Many users report that the 2000 Toyota provides a quiet, comfortable, and smooth ride. Drivers also report good handling and braking quality for the 2000 Toyota Corolla.

The Cons 
Like all used cars, not every aspect of the 2000 Toyota Corolla is positive. The Toyota Corolla boasts a mere 125 horsepower, so it is not a powerful car. It can feel sluggish and may disappoint drivers looking for a speedier, sportier ride. Some users reported that the car seems to burn through oil quickly and that they needed to refill and change their oil more regularly as a result. The Toyota Corolla is a small vehicle and it can be difficult to fit five adults in the vehicle. It does not have a lot of legroom, especially in the back seats. It’s trunk has ample space for daily commuting and errands but may not fit a family of four’s luggage for a road trip. This car is light and as a result it can feel less safe to drive in strong winds or heavy storms. Finally, several 2000 Toyota Corollas were recalled due to faulty seat-heating wires which resulted in fires.

Car shoppers who chose to purchase a 2000 Toyota Corolla will receive a well-priced, safe, and reliable vehicle. Maintenance is generally very affordable although it may require more regular oil refills and changes. It is a smaller car. There is not a lot of legroom, especially in the back seat. It has ample space for daily commuting but may not be optimal for extended family road trips due to the size of its trunk. Buyers who are considering a specific 2000 Toyota Corolla should make sure that it wasn’t a recalled vehicle.