As Toyota entered the 21st-century, it made sure it left the 20th-century still far ahead of the competition. As a result, the Corolla found itself as the second-best selling automobile of all-time, setting the benchmark by which all other cars in its class would be measured. Despite the Honda Civic and Mazda Protege gaining ground on the Corolla, it remained clear Toyota was still number one among consumers. But as it is with most vehicles on the road, the 1999 Toyota Corolla had numerous pros and cons as part of its package.

Power Under the Hood
Despite being a small car with a reputation for being a dependable car in which to get about town, the Corolla surprised many drivers by being so powerful under the hood. With its 1.8-liter engine and 120 horsepower, it not only had much more power than previous models, but also made great strides in fuel economy. With many of the 1999 models being equipped with five-speed manual transmissions, most drivers found themselves getting well over 30 miles per gallon in the city and close to 40 mpg on the highway.

Like most early Toyota vehicles, the 1999 Corolla found itself being fashion-challenged when it came to interior and exterior styling. The interior, featuring seats that support the back quite well but aren’t quite as comfortable for long trips, has been one of the car’s weakest areas. Meanwhile, the exterior also gets its fair share of criticism, with industry experts waiting to see if Toyota does an upgrade. However, with its flush outside windows and clever use of sound-deafening techniques, passengers and drivers both will appreciate having a drive that’s much quieter than in previous years.

Numerous Features
Whether it’s the VE, LE, or CE Sedan models, owners of a 1999 Toyota Corolla have always been able to look forward to numerous features. Whether it’s the air conditioning system that has a worldwide reputation for being one of the coolest on the market, the state-of-the-art sound system, or controls that are well within easy reach while driving, the Corolla has maintained a reputation for functionality as well as dependability. With its controls being so easy to reach, drivers have always been able to find their favorite radio station or turn on the windshield wipers without missing a beat.

Safety is Top Priority
Receiving four stars from the NHTSA for its safety features on front and side impact crashes, the 1999 Corolla found itself at the top of its class when it came to safety. Add to that a redesigned body that allowed for greater driver visibility and less interior noise, along with an engine that reacted much quicker to driver input, and most people who found themselves behind the wheel of this car felt quite safe while commuting through town or cruising down an interstate highway. For additional information about safety ratings and other related information, visit Your text to link….

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence
Even though its competitors started to gain ground, the 1999 Toyota Corolla still managed to continue the tradition of excellence that has always been the hallmark of the company. From its powerful engine that gave it more horsepower than anyone would have thought to an interior that kept outside noise to a minimum, the Corolla was considered ahead of its time in many ways. Looked at today as a used car that is still a very smart choice for college students or others who simply want a car that gives them great mileage while getting about town, the 1999 Toyota Corolla continues to be well worth the money.