As much as the 1991 Toyota Corolla resembles its immediate predecessor in many ways, it offers buyers more options in terms of body styles. With the 1991 model, you can choose from a coupe, wagon and sedan. In this year, the manufacturer made significant improvements to the Corolla, fitting a more powerful engine under the hood and ensuring a long-lasting body. As with any other car, the 1991 Corolla has its strengths and weaknesses.

The strengths
Many of the people who own the 1991 model have praised it for a number of reasons. Below is a summary of areas where the Corolla ranks top.

Reputation for reliability
The 1991 Toyota Corolla continues the long-standing reputation for reliability that the Corolla has enjoyed since the original version was released. This model will serve you for a long time, with mechanical breakdowns being few and far between.

Excellent fuel efficiency
Being a Corolla, it is difficult to expect anything else other than excellent fuel efficiency. This compact car is perfect for commuting to work and family transportation and can cover an estimated 26 miles for every gallon of fuel. The fuel economy remains great even when the car has over 200,000 miles on it.

Great manual transmission
The engine of the car is paired with manual transmission, making it possible to produce adequate force and torque. The manual gearbox not only works great but also provides a perfect match for the 1.6-liter engine to keep running for many years.

Solid construction
Like most other vehicles that were produced during this period, the 1991 Toyota Corolla features solid construction. The heavy material from which the body is made makes the car strong and durable. This also ensures that the body does not get dented or rusted easily.

The affordability of this vehicle goes beyond the purchase price, to cover fuel and replacement parts. The fuel-efficient engine and affordable replacement parts will allow you to drive the car without putting too much pressure on your wallet.

Value for money
With all the amazing strengths of the 1991 Toyota Corolla, it is clear that the car offers value for money. Anyone who buys this car will enjoy peace of mind for a considerable number of years.

The downside
There is no doubt that the Toyota Corolla has come a long way in terms of performance, handling, refinement, fuel efficiency and safety. By the time the 1991 model was released, the following weaknesses were still present.

In 1991, most auto makers did not pay much attention to the aesthetic appeal of the cars they produced. This is why the Corolla model in this year does not offer much in terms of exterior design, styling and appearance. Just like the year of production suggests, the car has an old look.

Lacks in power
The engine under the hood of the 1991 Toyota Corolla is relatively small. The 1.6-liter engine does not deliver the power and performance that we are used to from today’s cars.

Noisy interior
As a result of age as well as the design and construction of the cabin, the 1991 Toyota Corolla has a noisy interior.

Why you may like this car
If you do not mind an old car as long as it promises reliability, fuel efficiency and features solid construction, the 1991 Corolla would be a good buy. The compact car will also save you some money when it comes to the purchase price.

Why you may not like it
You may not like this car if you are drawn to modern, high-end interior and exterior styling. With the relatively small size of the engine, this is not the ideal car for performance lovers.